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Driver freaks out after spotting ghostly figure in middle of road - and it's not first time it's been seen there

A dashcam has captured the moment a driver and his passenger spotted a "ghost" sitting in the middle of the road in an area famous for its spooky sightings.
As the car rounds a bend the figure can be seen up ahead in the centre of the road in a cross-legged or lotus position and the both men in the car start to sound a little panicky.
The driver immediately stops the vehicle and says: "Okay, that’s a bit scary."
Then his passenger, who also sounds uneasy, says "Yeah," and adds: "That is very scary."
Without hesitating the driver then puts the car into reverse to get away from they think is a ghost.
The film was shot at night on a quiet road in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur between the areas of Taman Tasik Perdana and Bukit Tunku.
A further note of panic creeps in to the driver's voice as he says: "That’s uh...uh...uh."
His passenger tries to calm him down, saying: "It’s all right," as the clip ends.
After the clip was posted online, many other people said they had had similar experiences in the area.
Stories of the figure in the road go back 10 years, it is said locally.
But some locals said the figure in the road would have forced the car to stop if it had carried on in that direction and it was in fact someone planning to rob the car’s occupants.
They said if the car had slowed down, accomplices would have jumped out from the shadows and mugged them.
The names of the terrified driver and his passenger were not reported, but they are thought to have continued their journey in a different direction without incident.

Model who posed naked on sacred Maori mountain says Maoris are not indigenous to New Zealand

The Playboy model who sparked outrage among the Maori community for sharing a photo of herself naked on a sacred mountain in New Zealand has now claimed Maori people are not “indigenous”.
Jaylene Cook, a 25-year-old glamour model from New Zealand, received fierce criticism for sharing a photo of herself wearing nothing but gloves, trainers and a hat at the apex of Mount Taranaki after hiking up the mountain.
Mount Taranaki, an active volcano on the west coast of the North Island, has long been considered sacred in Maori culture. As such, Maori academics accused Ms Cook of cultural insensitivity and disrespect for sharing the photo on Instagram.
The Playboy playmate has now stoked further controversy for arguing Maori people are not indigenous. The Maori people are the native Polynesian people of New Zealand and originated with settlers who came to New Zealand in a series of canoe journeys between 1250 and 1300 CE.

"Hey Jaylene, would you do a nude photo shoot at a church or a war memorial, or do you only like to disrespect Indigenous sacred sites? Hope your five minutes of fame was worth the curses that will haunt you for life," wrote Instagram user Maori Mermaid in comments now deleted but reported by the New Zealand Herald.
"Lol. Get a clue before you jump on the bandwagon. Maori are NOT Indigenous you ignorant ****," Ms Cook reportedly replied.
After the initial furor erupted, Ms Cook said both she and her boyfriend, Josh Shaw, who hiked up the mountain with her and took the photo, were "surprised" by the angry response they received. She argued they had done their research before undertaking the trip but confessed that she had not informed locals she was planning to go nude.
"It was something that just happened. There was nowhere that we read, or were told that it was a bad thing to do - and we believe that it still wasn't. We see nudity as art and natural," she said. “I’m sorry that people felt that we were being disrespectful, that was never our intention whatsoever”.
When pressed about whether she would have refrained from taking the photo if she had been aware of the backlash it would cause, she said: “No. because it doesn’t change my beliefs and my feelings towards the photograph. We have had overwhelming support from local Maori”.
The folklore linked to the mountain means many members of the Maori community have never climbed Taranaki out of respect.
The New Zealand government’s website says: “Mount Taranaki has great spiritual significance to local Maori.
"The crater and summit is the sacred head of Taranaki, the rocks and ridge are his bones, rivers his blood and plants and trees are his cloak and offer protection from the weather… Respect the mountain.”
The mountain has a summit of 8,300 feet but visitors are advised to pay respect and to avoid the rock at the top.
Ms Cook, who has 398 thousand Instagram followers, posted the picture which has now received almost 28 thousand likes with the accompanying caption: “This climb has forever changed me. I proved just how far I could push myself and I am truly proud of my accomplishment. This mountain was steep, rugged, ever-changing and just pure brutal! Safe to say, I will never do it again.” 

The secret world of Kolkata's nude models

Glitter all over her body , not an inch to spare, when Bedashree Patitundu, 24, checked herself in the mirror, she knew she would look the same -with or without clothes.

She was a touch reluctant in the beginning but made peace with herself as the money she was going to get for a few hours of work was enough to last her a month. She is among the many professional nude models in the city , who are earning a fortune by posing for the camera. At a time when models in government-run art schools are striving to make ends meet, youngsters in the city are exploring the world of nude modelling. Bedashree, who joined group theatre as an actress years back, was approached by the makeup artist for her first ever nude modeling assignment.

"After the makeup, I realized I would look the same, with and without clothes. My inhibition was gone by the time I did my third such shoot," she recalled. Though there wasn't much opposition from her family , she did have her lows. "Once, pictures of one of my shoots made it to the cover of a porn mag. When my ather, a priest, saw it, he was urious. But later, I made him see reason. I was already earning a decent living and also, posing nude for the camera is no crime. But, it's a fact that nude models are often equated with sex workers and it doesn't come as a surprise that my neighbors have stopped interacting with me completely ," she said.

While the Maharashtra government recently hiked daily wages of live models for government-run art schools rom `300 to `1,000 per day , in Kolkata, it's around `500. In comparison, money involved in nude photography is a lot more. Bedashree, whose highest remuneration so far has been `1.5 lakh, gets `15,000 for four hours. After that, each hour fetches her `10,000. But the model now makes sure that the assignments she does are strictly for competitions exhibitions abroad.

She is among the highest paid nude models in the city as she doesn't mind her face featuring in the photographs.Satakshi Ganguly , 22, who has acted in several short films, said the mindset of Indians is yet to change when it comes to nudity.

There's a fine line between nudity and vulgarity our country. But in , they are thought to be synonymous. It's just the opposite abroad, where the aesthetics of nude photography are well appreciated," Satakshi said. The youngster, who earns `10,000 per shift, said she gets around `4,000 per hour as overtime. "There's a lot of money , but perceptions are yet to change. Also, I never felt any discrimination at home because of my work. My mother and sister have both been very supportive," she said, adding that it's important to do a background check of the photographer before signing up for any such assignment.

Brotipriya Das, 22, said it's time we looked at photography as `photography'. "Why should there be a demarcation between photography and nude photography? To me, it's just the same. But for any such assignment, one needs to share a certain comfort level with the photographer.So far, I have only worked with friends and never charged a penny ," she said. About opposition from home, Brotipriya added, "I am an adult, do I really need permission?" Arandeep Das, an actor who is into semi-nude modeling, said Kolkata is trapped in its past."Here, art begins and ends with Tagore. So, any new form of art is either faced with criticism or opposition. I myself want to work with body painting as a mark of protest against killing of animals, but models charge nothing short of `20,000`30,000. I plan to use my body like a canvas for my own interest," he said, adding that nude models often keep their job a secret in fear of losing out on assignments by bigger brands. Prasenjit Das, 23, who is against commercialization of nudity, said he doesn't drop his clothes for just another assignment.

"For me, what the photographer is working on is of utmost importance. I get `10,000 per shift and my highest remuneration so far has been `50,000," he said. Though offers come his way by the dozens, Prasenjit has not been able to disclose his job profile to his auto-driver father. "There's still a stigma attached to nudity . But someday , in the near future, things are bound to change," said the youngster, who is also into acting and choreography .

While there is no dearth of nude models in Kolkata, a bunch of young photographers are also making a splash. Abir Ghosh, 21, whose photograph was adjudged the best picture of 2014-2015 by a website, said there are still a few grey areas that need to be addressed. "Though there's tremendous curiosity surrounding nude photography, not much recognition comes our way . Moreover, finding a model is still difficult, as they either charge a bomb or refuse to shoot once in a relationship. Renting a studio is also not easy ," he said.

There are others like him who are trying to make a name for themselves by sending their works to photography salons or various competitions, mostly abroad. Iman Ghoshal, 25, said there's hope none theless. "In the past few years, I've been approached by several models beyond my friends. Some of them are plus-size models, as that's also a key area of my work.But yes, mostly women have approached me so far. I think today , there are more female models in Kolkata. It's a huge challenge to shoot nude photographs and hope people understand that before passing a judgement," she said. Iman, who tells picture stories, hopes to take part in major photography competitions the world over. "We need to get rid of the social taboo attached to nudity first," she added. Is anyone listening?

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