Tuesday, October 16, 2018

How can a Website be Turned into a Mobile App?

In the primordial days of technological development, large size desktop computers were there and every operation was carried out in the intranets for the organization, as there was not such a bigger popularity and connectivity of internet among the people. Over the last 10 years only, the internet has boomed across the worldwide population and with the inception of smartphones and other electronic gadgets, the internet has grown to a sky-high level faster than ever.

Every business and normal user needs some kind of mobile app and internet to carry on their tasks in their day to day life.  So, it is a prominent fact to have an individual mobile app for all the website holders, as the mobile-driven traffic to the website page is higher than the actual computer website visitors. Nowadays various ways and methods are there to create a separate app to manage the website platform and the conversion process can be done in a shorter time.

Importance of mobile app in the current trends
Websites are always powerful assets to explore the audience and publish the brand. But to stay with the wave of current trends of exploding mobile device users, all the organizations are shifting their path of business to provide responsive mobile friendly web designs and individual mobile apps for the brand to develop a personalized connection with the users. As the number of handheld device users is damn too high, it is an advantageous option to develop native mobile apps with distinctive functionalities more than the websites providing.

People are spending 10x more time to the handy mobiles than opening their PC, thus the absolute realization is that a huge number of customers is engaged towards the mobiles. More than the websites, multiple functionalities can be included via apps such as push notifications, Camera, Offline access, GPS and so on. You can easily get help from a professional to turn your website into a separate mobile app.

Transforming the website into a mobile app
The biggest advantages of mobile apps than the websites are its ability to connect to individual device services and its hardware. The app is able to access the address books, camera, pictures, and microphones etc. The mobile device is actually a part of the user’s daily lifestyle and it is totally designed for individual use. Thus data catching and offline access capabilities are enabled through mobile apps easily.

Communicating with the database is totally different from a website and mobile app. Mobile app design may be a two-layered one or three layered. Two-layer apps are able to connect directly with the database. But in the three-layered apps, the server is the second layer which can handle the connection between the app and the database. If the server is already present and optimized for the mobile, it is easy to extract the data from the website into an app. Mobile apps work against a server layer using JSON APIs, but websites are using the HTML format. Other functionalities such as payments etc. are processed differently on the website than the mobile apps.

Multiple platforms are there, where your existing websites can be easily transformed into native android and ios mobile apps in a seamless way. With simple steps such as entering the URL of the website or web content, naming the mobile app, framing functionalities and finally publishing on app stores as per the preference. Many numbers of users are using these platforms to convert their websites into apps effortlessly. 

Multiple benefits
Easy accessible
After the download of the app on the user’s mobile, the brand icon is on the customer’s mobile. The services of the enterprise are just one tap away from the user. Apps eliminate the tedious process to remember the address of the website and take separate time to browse on the internet using the URL.

Augment Search Engine Optimization
Google promotes linking websites to the mobile apps in recent years, and they are also encouraging website owners to have a separate mobile app to keep an access with their visitors. Thus to keep the business on the cutting edge technological growth, and to reach out top on the Google results, mobile apps can help a lot.

Customer loyalty for the brand
By providing periodic offers, and special coupons and promo codes for the mobile app users, especially for the e-commerce sites, mobile apps allow more possible choices to gain customer loyalty that can lead to gain a number of engaging customers for the brand.
Push notifications are not rudimentary features; it can be a great marketing tool for the brands to promote their enterprise through sending timely messages through apps for the users. Thus it's moreover like engaging customers through advertisement campaigns, but totally at free of cost for the companies.

Mobile apps are absolutely a great destination for innovation where the developing technologies are effectively utilized. If the enterprise ultimate goal is to provide the customers a great user interface experience and to access the user’s mobile native functions, mobile app is the best option to sell the products and services ahead of multiple competitors.

Author Bio:
Dipanwita Murabayashi is a leading Content Marketer at Doxtar, where they work in developing mobile apps and websites for many services like e-commerce. She is an expert in Content Marketing and Content Developer, the mobile app development by covering all platforms of it. Doxtar is a web and mobile app development company, which develops e-commerce platforms for both desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Its Only Mind - Review

Itsonlymind review

Itsonlymind is a website that deals with matters related to the complex human mind. It is aimed at unlocking the potential of mind and helping in understanding the matters of life that bother us. It serves as a platform to enable everyone to lead more fulfilling and enjoyable lives through motivational, spiritual and self-help articles.

The website is neatly divided into several sections such as blogs, activity, forums, groups, courses etc. One can easily become a member by creating an account. Personal problems can be discuses and their solutions can be sought. An interaction between the readers is welcomed through comments and forum section. The blog section has several well-written articles on topics like anger management, inner peace, calmness, ego problems, gratitude, addiction, exercises and wellness. It offers a live forum for people across the globe to deal with delicate issues and find solutions to them.
Despite being based on a heavy concept, the portal has an easy-going and youthful look.  The interface is fairly free of clutter and very appealing. The navigation is easy and quick too. The blue and green font over a white background has a calming effect on the readers something that resonates well with the underlying motive of this portal.

its only mind is a much-needed portal for today’s generation who finds itself failing to cope up with the pressures of life. 

Monday, September 3, 2018

NJ Sports Betting: What Impact Will It Have On The US Economy?

Legalized Sports Betting
It was 1992 when the PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act) became effective. It was meant to define the legal status of sports betting across the United States, effectively outlawing sports betting nationwide except for New Jersey.
However, this law was judicially overturned in May 2018 when the US Supreme Court ruled in a 7-2 decision that parts of PASPA were unconstitutional as they commandeered power from the states. A 6-3 ruling determined that the whole PASPA was unconstitutional.
With sports betting now being legal, it is expected that this new billion dollar industry is going to have a huge impact on the US economy. The infographic below created by NJGames.org will help you find out why and how.
Meanwhile, let’s take a look at what is predicted.
The total economic output, representing spending by sports betting patrons in the US is expected to reach $41.2 billion, with sports betting operations supporting  $4 billion in direct and $7 billion in indirect labor income.
Sports betting is also going to have a huge impact on employment. It is expected that almost 87,000 direct and 130,000 indirect jobs are going to be opened.
Furthermore, it is expected that sports betting will contribute around $22 billion to the US GDP which is more than the entire economic GDP of Iceland. The overall fiscal impact which consists of state, local, and federal tax impacts are expected to be around $8.4 billion.
These are just several interesting facts about the impact that legalized sports betting is going to have in the US. Take a look at the infographic below to find out more.
URL:  https://njgames.org/future-of-sports-betting-infographic/  

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