Monday, September 29, 2014

6 Stunning All-Girl Indian Bands That Effortlessly Kick Ass!

Many don’t know but all-girl bands are on the rise in India. It’s hard to handpick from a trend that’s imploding with talent, but here’s our compilation of 6 of the best all-girl bands that are taking the nation by storm. 
1. Minute of Decay
Minute of decay edit
A pop-rock band by genre, Minute of Decay is a band that was formed by three sisters in the latter half 2011. Their belief that the unavoidable fate of man is what leads him to places is something that devised their band name. Hailing from Manipur, the band currently resides in Delhi and draws inspirations from classic rock like Led Zeppelin and Simon and Garfunkel, funk rock and a few lessons from their parents. Buy the debut EP Finding Betsy HERE.
2. The Vinyl Records
Catering to the post-punk vibe of sounds, The Vinyl Records are a four-member band that hail from Arunachal Pradesh but are currently residing in New Delhi. The band, which was formed by Banu, Minam and Mithy, have performed at the Ziro Festival of Music, NH7 Weekender, Go MAD and many other festivals. You can buy their debut EP Whims HERE. Watch the music video for their single “Ready Set Go” HERE.
3. Color Chaos
Color Chaos edit
A relatively new and silent band on the national gig circuit, Color Chaos’ acoustic fusion is one to watch out for. Although the local folks of Chennai would’ve definitely spotted this band’s busking sessions and live performances. Watch them do an acoustic cover of the Alanis Morissette single “Hand In My Pocket” from their initial days HERE.
4. Tetseo Sisters
TEtseo Sisters edit
Another all-sister collective, Tetseo Sisters (even the name says so) is a four-member band from Kohima, Nagaland that adapts and interprets powerful Chakhesang tribal music that they’ve inherited. Dressed in their traditional Naga attire, the band aims to maintain and uphold the folk heritage of Nagaland in the form of their breathtaking music. Listen to their single “Jingle Bells”HERE
5. Afflatus
Formed in 2004, this four-member outfit hails from Shillong and believes in divine inspiration for their music. Drawing a lot of inspiration from Gospel music, the band outlines its traditional beliefs with sounds of smooth alt rock riffs. Listen their single “Testimony” HERE.
6. Genesis of Pink
Genesis of PInk
Sikkim’s all-girl band Genesis of Pink is one that believes in versatility of music that’s born out of creativity. Accompanied by a dance crew, this band spells jaunty pop-punk rock in every note. Listen to their single “Who Are You” HERE.

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