Sunday, September 21, 2014


Staff at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch have spoken out about the bizarre behaviour of the King Of The Pop in his home - claiming that he 'lived in filth' and 'urinated on the floor. 

Two anonymous former maids at the complex have given a new interview to the New York Post, where they describe the Thriller star as "the dirtiest, most unsanitary person in Hollywood".

"Michael sometimes ran around where the animals were, and he’d track... Poop throughout the house and think nothing of it," said anonymous maid No.1. "Then, if you said something, he’d threaten to make doo-doo snowballs and throw it at you."

A second maid recalled an instance after TV host Oprah visited the house in 1993, adding: "He literally peed on the floor of the entryway, right where you saw Oprah walk in. It was surreal. He just stood there, unzipped his trousers and watered the floor."

Another maid then said that the King Of Pop's behaviour began to turn after he was first publicly accused of child molestation by Jordan Chandler, 13, the same year.

"His whole life changed after 1993 when he had to pay that boy off," they said. "I’m telling you, he was the dirtiest, most unsanitary person in Hollywood."

Meanwhile, new allegations of sexual abuse against children have been made against the late Jackson. James Safechuck, 36, claims that Jackson abused him when he was 10-years-old, when he was working with the singer on a Pepsi advert.

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