Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Immeasurable Power Of Belief

Spirituality often stresses on the aspect of belief. In fact, belief is the most crucial aspect in achieving a life of fulfillment. There are two main angles to this topic- the first being faith and the second, conviction. Faith and conviction correspond to the same meaning in one sense of understanding. Faith and conviction, however, are minutely different in the level of belief they associate themselves with. In this article, we look at the power of belief and what the power of belief in the realm of spirituality can do. 

In life, if anything needs to be achieved, the crucial element of belief needs to be present. Without belief, achievement does not manifest. While we speak about the importance of spirituality, although it can be ascertained that spirituality does enhance belief, it is of no use when there is absence of belief. 

Coming to the question of "why are spiritual people successful", it all boils down to the belief. Belief is the fundamental element of existence as humans even. If there is the absence of belief, it goes without saying that achievement and accomplishment to the level of fulfillment is but a far cry. 

As humans, little do we understand the power of the human consciousness. And because of that, little do we understand the power of belief. It must be noted that the power of belief is unimaginable. All the world's greats wouldn't have come even close to success if they didn't believe. And because the believed, they even ended up becoming famous for their beliefs. 

The power of the individual consciousness is enhanced through the power of belief. If, as lay human beings, we have the conviction that achievement of a particular objective in life possible, as it is said, the entire universe works towards fulfilling that objective, for strong belief enables the individual consciousness to attract the power of the universal consciousness.

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