Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tamil actress Vasundhara Kashyap sleazy selfies leaked online

Vasundhara Kashyap may not be a popular name in the Indian Entertainment sector, but she has now reached the heights of popularity in the internet due to her leaked images with her boyfriend.
Vasundhara Kashyap leaked 4 Photos: Tamil actress Vasundhara Kashyap sleazy selfies leaked online
As per reports, the Instagram account of the actress is hacked, and this has resulted in the leakage of various intimate pictures.

As per Times of India, almost 8-10 images are fluttering all over the internet, and most of them are very intimate selfies taken with her boy friend. The actress has now deactivated her Instagram profile.
The 25 year old actress started her acting career through the 2006 movie “Vattaram”. The film had Arya in the lead role, and it was an average grosser in the Box Office.

Later, she worked in movies like “Peranmai’’, “Jayamkondaan”, “Kalaipaani” and “Porali”. Her acting in “Peranmai” fetched positive reviews from all corners.

Her portrayal of ‘Maari’ in ‘Porali’ fetched her Edison Award for Best Supporting Actress and Vijay Award Best Supporting Actress Nomination.

Her last movie was, “Chithirayil Nilachoru” which got released in 2013. The movie didn’t fare well in the Box Office, and from then the actress failed to fetch more offers.

The leakage of compromising photos has garnered mixed reactions from the general public.

Many people consider it as a very unfortunate incident, but for some others, this is nothing but mere publicity stunt to fetch offers.

In the meantime, many reports claim that a video of the actress has also been leaked online.

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