Monday, July 13, 2015

Google's Great Online Home Festival 2015: Huge discounts and amazing deals on Apartments

Google's much-awaited Great Online Home Festival (GOHF) likely to kick off in  18th of July 2015 and will feature more than 25 Real Estate Projects offering deals and discounts. The GOHF will be a three to four days event starting 18th July 2015 and will end on fourth day.

Great Online Home Festival would go a long way to promote online faith. All the facts and pictures in the cloud in starry websites can be confirmed after all. Yet everything appears so transparent and larger than life online. Now that brochures and television advertisements have been eclipsed with internet technology, there is no looking back. We better follow what the whole world is doing in massive online trade in the billions. 

Google is certainly one of those big fish or shall we say predators? GroupM is into media investment and Google is busy extending beyond the legendary search engine. Magic Bricks represents a gigantic property management estate that creates dream homes. The three entities have come together fabulously to popularize the concept of online homes! They are hardly fantasy homes but a beginning is made there to translate those lifetime ideas to reality. What could be more real than the brick and stone home to provide family shelter maybe for a few generations?

Dealing in real estate besides home d├ęcor and home care companies, Google's Great Online Home Festival(GOHF) will exhibit property stocks amounting to Rs. 3000 crores. As most people do every day, surfers will evaluate and choose potential home products. The event is on from 18 July to 27 July. Much is going to happen during those ten days when great family histories would be written and a new trend established.

How did it all come about? Industry Director Google India Nitin Bawankule cites the 3x increase in online queries relating to real estate. Early builders have already profited from sales online. In the future more builders and developers would benefit from online sales. 

CEO of Magic Bricks Sudhir Pai is positive that the Google's Great Online Home Festival (GOHF) would ignite real estate market transactions. The best deals in online real estate would be available for potential buyers to choose from with all the advantages. 

GroupM South Asia chief growth officer Lakshmi Narasimhan also spoke about the emerging consumer segment that is confident about online purchase based on information available on the internet. It is hoped that both the industry and the consumer would benefit from such an initiative. 

The online real estate scenario in India has about ten companies vying for the market and Quikr is one of them. While it remains to be seen what transpires on July 18 onwards, it is certain that much commerce is getting transferred online from traditional markets and why not. A hassle free decent way to shop is the internet experience after all and the best brands prove it. 

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