Friday, September 11, 2015

Cops find Indrani’s threat email to Sheena, Mikhail

The Khar police, probing the Sheena Bora murder case, have now stumbled upon a threat email sent by Indrani Mukerjea to Sheena just a month before she was killed. 

The Khar police, probing the Sheena Bora murder case, have now stumbled upon a threat email sent by Indrani Mukerjea to Sheena just a month before she was killed. Cops found three messages in Sheena's gmail inbox while scrutinizing Indrani's laptop.

One of the three emails Indrani sent on March 8, 2012, is addressed to Sheena and forwarded to her brother Mikhail. In it, Indrani threatened to disinherit both Sheena and Mikhail if they "acted smart". Indrani also threatened to stop their monthly payouts of Rs 40,000 each. There are two other emails Indrani sent to Sheena dated May 4 and July 7, 2012. Sheena was strangulated by Indrani, Sanjeev Khanna and Shyamvar Rai on April 24, 2012, and her body was burnt in Raigad district the next day. There is no clarity as to why Indrani may have sent the last two mails, after Sheena was killed. Official believe these may have been sent to throw off investigators.

Sources said Mikhail did not reply to the email as he feared that Indrani may stop his monthly pocket money. As he was jobless and had to take care of his grandparents in Guwahati, it would have been a big blow for him. However, Sheena replied to Indrani, threatening to expose her in front of Peter. "Now what she wanted to expose we don't know. We are assuming that Sheena may have been threatening to tell Peter the truth that Sheena and Mikhail were Indrani's children and her not brother and sister as she told Peter," said source.

At the same time, Indrani also learnt about Sheena's relationship with Rahul, Peter's son from his first marriage, which she did not approve of. On several occasions, Indrani had told Sheena to break off with Rahul but Sheena did not listen and instead threatened Indrani that she would expose her lies to Peter.

Investigations revealed that Sheena had left her rented flat in Khar following heated arguments with Indrani who wanted her to move back to Guwhati. But Sheena later returned to Mumbai and took up a house in Andheri.

Mikhail, who has turned a witness in the case, has told cops that Indrani had made three attempts to kill him.

Meanwhile, the police said that the motive behind Sheena's murder will be clear only after the forensic auditing team gives reports of Peter's books and accounts wherein there are lots of transactions from Peter's accounts to Indrani and from her accounts to that of her ex-husband Sanjeev Khanna. Khanna had diverted the money to hotels and other businesses. There are also jealousy and fear angles. Firstly, Indrani was upset that Mikhail and Sheena often blackmailed her by threatening to expose her to her husband Peter Mukerjea. Also, Indrani thought if Sheena married Rahul, she would end up ruling the Mukerjea household. Lastly Khanna had been pressuring her to ensuring that their child Vidhie got a major share of Peter's wealth.

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