Monday, August 29, 2016

Real Time Mobile Usage - Data Statistics By Coupon Machine.


The World Has Gone Mobile

Nowadays, almost everybody has a smartphone. We use them to be in touch with our friends and families, keep track of the latest news, share useful information or just beautiful pieces of creative and funny stuff. We use our mobiles to work and chill out, have a good laugh and wonder about strange things happening in the world around us. With just a simple movement of the hand, we take our smartphone and connect with millions of other people.

But How Can This Be Tracked?

Certain businesses strongly rely on mobile data. In some particular cases that’s because their customers prefer accessing their services from mobile devices rather than big and clumsy PCs. In other situations it’s just due to the global tendency of mobile usage increase. Did you know that 51% of the global internet traffic is from mobile devices? Well, now you do.
If you run a company or project, you’ve got to have the latest information on everything that’s happening mobile. Who knows when you’ll need this data to take a decision that could drastically change your company’s strategy and revenue? Informed equals prepared in the modern world.
There are several services in the internet that could help you in this matter, but they’re not always accurate and credible. For example, some are rarely refreshed, others show incorrect data or demand big money for this information. Today we want to share one of the best resources for real-time mobile data statistics at the moment, presented by Coupon Machine.
Here are some examples of data you can get from it:
·         Every hour, 8 million USD are sent via mobile PayPal payments.
·         1 billion of WhatsApp messages are sent every hour.
·         Every day 2 billion of searches are performed by people on their smartphones.
·         99 million hours of YouTube videos are watched every day.

You can find this and much more interesting information for free thanks to the Coupon Machine for real-time mobile usage. By the way, you can chose to track it in real-time or jump right to the time period you’re interested in with just a single click – an hour, a day or a month. The service is easy to use and highly accurate, making it the best option for private entrepreneurs and businesses willing to make their strategy data-driven and result-oriented.

These two magic worlds (“data-driven” and “result oriented”), basically, is the magical formula for how to use mobile statistics properly.

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