Monday, January 23, 2017

Girls Made Funny Slogans Jallikattu Protest In Chennai Marina

Chennai’s Marina shoreline has a long and storied place in Tamil administrative issues. Subramania Bharati and M.K. Gandhi have tended to political social events here. The advancing test for Jallikattu, however inadequate as to the tremendous names, differentiates emphatically and the various eminent events of political theater that this urban shoreline has seen.

About everyone there is under 30. A far reaching number of the protestors are women. It’s calm. More than it being a contradiction, the air is one of a reasonable. There are strolls, sloganeering, moving, music and fellowship. Women who started from away determined how it had all the earmarks of being okay for women – a deed of some demand in a bleeding edge Indian city.

Around 10 feet over the ground, on the Thiruvalluvar statue, a woman clad in a dim saree was perched. How she climbed there wearing a saree, I have no idea. The peaceful, chose look all over and the politically charged signs she was indicating made about everyone stop and watch. Thiruvalluvar, the man towering over her, would have been satisfied.
An energetic, unassuming and humble understudy named Owais was cleaning the garbage diverse protestors were leaving. The garbage mixed with grime and it looked exceptionally enormous. I offered help. By then I comprehended what a staggering a task it was and moved along. Nevertheless, he was settled. He had no gloves however kept running about with essentially his hands and a gunny sack. His sentiment metro commitment will put by far most of us to disrespect.
The other detectable point about the test was the essential number of Muslims. While the Hindutva separation has been endeavoring to portray Jallikattu as a Hindu issue through electronic systems administration media, these energetic Muslims reminded everyone this was a Tamil issue.
There were amplifies where protestors were flooding onto Beach Road and made improvement troublesome. Young volunteers, a huge part of them near 20 years old, confined a human attach to segregate the difference region from moving action. A safeguard vehicle came and volunteers working with the police somehow made sense of how to get it through by getting a sea of people to part. The police, incredibly, were massively valuable to both the protestors and the overall public free to move around at will.
The part of the police in these difficulties is a dismissed and ignored perspective. Challenges world over succeed when the security gadget of the state is either for the protestors or if nothing else decides to not unleash violence in solitude citizenry. Over the top cases of this fuse triumphs like Tahrir Square or even the French Revolution. Syria is an instance of what happens when the state shoots down protestors. Tamil Nadu is not any of those remarkable cases yet rather that the police routinely carried selfies with protestors and were generally getting a charge out of the celebration atmosphere themselves is a profitable demonstrate recollect. Most police work drive on commitment, it showed up, were generally enduring of the cause.

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