Friday, January 20, 2017

Social gaming Vs Online Gambling and the Addiction towards it

Social games and online Gambling sites are trying hard to get into an interesting new segment. Two giants capable of accelerating each others growth. Social games reached around 347 million active players in a month on Facebook alone as of now, whereas the online gambling industry is a mind blowing off $50.7 billion. Social games have a good reach and gambling has the money. 

Gambling has already entered social to increase the reach and to follow a new strategy and they have done it.

Looking at Facebook games is about 27% of gamers have paid for in-game with network’s virtual money known as Facebook Credits. This doesn't look like a large number, but the sale of virtual is very good for the social game for monetizing. when it comes to online games like poker with sites like 12bet and slot machine games with sites like w88, which virtualize the gambling environment, this is one among the best websites for gambling.

The growth of the gambling has been accompanied by a huge amount of new scientific research explaining the effects of gambling on the brain. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter involved in the processing of rewards and excitement. When we experience something pleasurable such as winning a poker game or a blackjack or eating a slice of Pizza, our dopamine neurones get excited. First, the neurones don't get excited until it gets the juice delivered. The cells always react to the actual reward.

Many people gamble to escape frustrating problems at their home and at work. Some website gives relaxation by reading, sbobet is one among them. Playing repetitive on games for a long period of time, people are able to block their own thoughts and their attention and consideration.

Escaping and ignoring problems often creates bigger problems. Prepared to handle issues that come in your way, even when frustration, or on disappointment or even stress threaten, be strong.

Ask yourself how can you keep frustration on yourself or even stress from escape? What does relaxation technique would make yourself better... Are you prepared to handle the stress? Playing gambling is good but at the same time you also need to manage your financial stability, spend time with family and friends, Playlot more but get relax at the same time.

I suggest you do few things which can change your life. Play gambling and have fun but also do this to balance yourself.

First Write. try to start a journal that makes you jot down your fears, stresses and your major problems. Journal will allow your reflection on the good times, have memories you want to keep a record of. Few minutes of writing every day are therapeutic for many.

Second Meditate. Lift yourself. You meditate at home alone or join some yoga class near your place.and make sure you get teachings on relaxation techniques, such as a beginner’s yoga, learn how to clear your mind and breathing techniques which can relax your body.

Third Walk. Walk in the early morning. Fitness isn't great ways to pass time – exercises such as walking can relax you from stress. Enjoy fresh air. Deep breathes often and short walk near your place will release tension. Physical activity at the daytime can help you to sleep peacefully at night.


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