Monday, March 13, 2017

How Much Cleavage Is Good Cleavage

We live in confusing times. In an age where we have grave issues to deal with, we find ourselves constantly being exposed to trivial and irrelevant issues. We are more than often exposed to instances about body shaming, slut shaming, moral policing and what is considered appropriate and what not. While some women proudly call themselves feminists, there are some who refrain from being associated with it and then there are those who are completely ignorant about it.

Indian cinema is an industry that has constantly been accused of objectifying women. While we openly welcome item numbers and dance to them, we are threatened when a film dares to portray a woman’s sexuality (Yes, we are referring to the censor’s ban on Lipstick Under My Burkha). Confusing times indeed.

Instead of blindly sharing Whatsapp forwards or thinking of it as just another day, why don’t we women try and bring about a slight change? No, we are not asking you to step out on the streets or change what other people think. We can, however, try and change our own thinking and stop bringing down other women. If you got it, there is nothing wrong in flaunting it, be it some cleavage, body hair or stretch marks.

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