Thursday, March 9, 2017

Jio Is the Fastest Mobile Data Network in India Averaging 16.3 Mbps as per TRAI MySpeed, But Ookla Results Differ!

Jio Red Sim Card

According to the latest data from TRAI’s MySpeed portal, Reliance Jio is the fastest 4G telecom operator in India offering an average download speed of 16.3 Mbps.
In terms of 4G speed trend, Jio retained its top position while Vodafone and Idea were at #2 and #3 respectively.
Jio is the fastest 4g telecom operator in India
At the time of writing of this post, that is on 6th March 2017, Jio is followed by Vodafone and Idea providing 9.2 Mbps and 7.3 Mbps respectively. Airtel doesn’t even come in the list of fastest 4G operators as of now as it offers a meagre 4G speed of just 5.8 Mbps ahead of RCom’s 3.1 Mbps.

4G Speed In The Metros

The following graphs again show how Jio is way ahead of the other 4G operators across the top metro cities in the country with the notable exception of Chennai where BSNL has emerged as the fastest 4G operator offering an average download speed of 11.3 Mbps.








As it is evident from all the data presented above, Jio’s data speed has improved considerably after a sharp drop in January. Other telecom operators are also working on improving their speed, but Idea has shown the highest improvement in its speed.

But, Ookla Claims Airtel To Be The Fastest Telco In India

In an interesting announcement Ookla, the company behind the popular speedtest portal, crowns Airtel as the fastest telecom operator in India.

Ookla has not released the parameters it used to come to this conclusion, but this news will definitely cement Airtel’s position as a fast telecom operator in the market.

These findings have been arrived at by analyzing millions of internet speed test logged on to by Indian mobile phone users via its Speedtest app.

It is worth noting that the result is based on all mobile data speed tests taken by the users, irrespective of the network technology.

Airtel credits this success to its continual efforts under ‘Project Leap‘ for making Airtel a ‘Future Ready’ network.

“At Airtel, our constant endeavour is to provide the best possible experience for our customers. We are delighted to receive this recognition from a global leader like Ookla and it is yet another validation of our efforts to build a world-class smartphone network,” said Ajai Puri, Director- Operations, Indian & South Asia, Bharti Airtel.

It is equally hard for us as it is for you to know that Ookla and MySpeed have different mobile data speed test results. On a pan-India basis, Jio is about 3 times as fast Airtel 4G.

We do hope that Jio will maintain its lead over the next few months while Airtel, Vodafone, and Idea will improve their network and start offering 4G speed of 15 Mbps and above.

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