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THIRI - Musical video by C.GIRINANDH | Launched by Mozart of Madras A.R.RAHMAN

DooPaaDoo is pleased to inform you about the launch of a prestigious Musical video feature "THIRI", composed & produced by C.GIRINANDH . The song was launched by Mozart of Madras A.R.RAHMAN on 16th June, Friday at 6PM. The launch is planned as a virtual digital release with the artists and doopaadoo team.

This song is about the force inside, the proverbial fire inside each and everyone of us, that makes us reach higher and do the undo-able. This song describes the spark that sets off the path to self discovery. The destination could be manifold for each of us, but what unites all of those unreachable quests is the spark that grows into a fire. This is the journey of a writer and her path to the fire of self discovery that unravels as she travels to far away lands and witnesses the awe inspiring spectacle of nature

The honest presentation, Brilliance choice of the location, interesting theme and the support of A.R.Rahman in the promotional activities is a blessing for the team of THIRI and DooPaaDoo. Such brilliant musical compositions need greater reach and strong promotional activities. DooPaaDoo always delivers quality music to larger section of audience.

Promo of the song

Facebook live was at 16th June, Friday at 7:45pm with #Thiri song team...
Girinand - Vijay Gopal - Shwetha Sekar - Pradeep - Shivram
Facebook Link :

  • Composers (s) : C.Girinandh
  • Lyricist (s) : Karky
  • Singer (s) : Vijayagopal
  • (Video) Featuring : Shwetha Shekar, C.Girinandh, Vijayagopal
  • Producer (s) : C.Girinandh
  • Sound engineer : Bumon Kashyap
  • Masterd by : Andy Bartow, Florida(USA)
  • Recorded at : Aura Studios
  • Director of photography : P.K.Shivram, Jeyaraj, Partha Protim Neog (Aerial Shots)
  • Editor : D. Pradeep Jenifer

Madhan Karky's lyrics add emotion, melody and soulful energy

திரி சிறு திரி 
அதன் மேல் ஒரு தீப்பொறி 
குழல் புல்லாங்குழல் 
ஊதினால் இசை வருமா?
தீப்பொறி வளர்ந்து சுடர்விடுமா?
கதிரின் உதிரி 
இரவின் எதிரி 

அசையும் ஜுவாலை 
இசையின் வேலை 
சுடரின் நடனம் அது !
தீயின் விரல்கள் 
குழலின் துளையில் 
வாட்டும் பாட்டும் இது !
எரியும் முளரி 
உயிரின் புலரி 

உருவம் மாறும் 
நெருப்பின் தன்மை அது !
பாறை மனதை 
நெகிழச் செய்யும் 
இசையின் மென்மை அது!
இரண்டின் உபரி 
எனக்குள் சிதறி

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