Monday, August 21, 2017

No one believes this Italian actress is nearly 60: 'You look better than 20'

An Italian woman has wowed her Instagram followers with her age-defying looks.

Pamela Prati – an actress, television presenter, and model - is frequently mistaken for a 20-year-old when she shares photos online.

But she's not in her twenties. Or even her thirties.

In fact, Pamela turns 59 in November.

Italian media are so awestruck by her looks that they describe her as someone who has "found the elixir of eternal youth".

And her loyal online followers can't get enough of the brunette's selfies and poolside snaps.

"A 30-year-old can only dream of a class and a physical statuary like this," one fan wrote on one of her photos, while another commented, "You look better than twenty".

One person told Pamela that "time has stopped in front of your beauty".

The actress says her youthful looks' "secret is a proper nutrition and regular exercise."

Pamela has a Spanish father and Italian mother and was born in northern Sardinia, a large Italian island in the Mediterranean. She moved to Rome when she was in her late teens and began working as a model.

And Pamela isn't the only model to baffle the world with her youthful looks. Recently, a Singaporean model caused quite the stir on social media.

Chuando Tan's chiselled and youthful complexion had the world thinking he was a twenty-something, though he actually turned 50 earlier this year.

His secret?

He said his looks and ripped physique are down to frequent exercise, avoiding baths and showers too early or late at night, and finally, spicy Hainanese chicken.

Yep – he has that meal every day.

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