Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Explore India on budget

If you love travelling but are not able to explore various parts of India due to budget constraint, worry not . There are many beautiful places across India that you can visit without making a hole in your pocket. There is a long list of budget trips in India:

1. 20 budget-friendly adventurous places in India
India is a vast country and it is indeed beyond any traveller to choose one particular region as a favourite, amongst all the breathtaking places in the length and breadth of this country! Here we divide the country into zones and list zone wise best affordable places to visit!

2. Places in India you can go even if you're broke
It’s always nice to travel. Even nicer? Exploring your favourite destinations without upsetting your delicately balanced budget. Check out these gorgeous yet affordable destinations you can travel to even when broke.

3. Seven holidays to take under 10,000 Rupees
Hop on with your friends! Memories don't have a budget. HolidayIQ reviewers tell you why 10,000 is enough to have an awesome trip to these 7 destinations.

4. Five-weekend getaways which are surprisingly inexpensive 
Wondering where to spend your weekend? We have the perfect list for you that wouldn’t leave a dent in your pocket.

5. 10 budget-friendly getaways from Delhi
Delhi can be considered a gateway to the magnificent Himalayan expanse. Delhi has a very strategic location, with all the mountainous regions surrounding it, be it Himachal or Uttarakhand or even Jammu and Kashmir. The best part is you can travel to these parts on a tight budget. So if you are in Delhi, and you have a long weekend, here is what you need to plan.

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