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Top 10 Chennai Food Blog Sites to Follow

A food tour through the megacity of Chennai would tell you why South India is known as the land of spices and flavours. Every part of Chennai is filled with great restaurants and they happen to tickle the taste buds of the food lovers with their great menu. Life in Chennai is full of gastronomic opportunities. No matter which food type is your favourite, you will find restaurants that will make you want to have more! But the modern generation of Chennai food lovers do not just want to visit any restaurant, they want the best for their outings. This is where the best Chennai food blogs are of immense help. To be frank, the Internet is today filled with hundreds of Chennai food blogs. But you definitely do not want to go through all of them. So, here is our handpicked list of 10 best food blogs that will tell you all about the food in Chennai.

1. Made in Chennai by Subhiksha Venkat

Every food connoisseur in Chennai has to follow this food blog. Subhiksha Venkat who is, herself, a food enthusiast really gives a different dimension to food blogging through her hard-to-put-down posts. If you are planning to dine out, then Made in Chennai has plenty of great options available for you. From eateries that serve the best Continental dishes to the ones which offer you finger licking non-veg delights, she talks about everything. If you like fusion food, then her in-depth blogs will provide you with an array of choices.

2. Food Talk Chennai by Ekta Kothari

Food Talk Chennai is a reservoir of food information from every corner of Chennai. Whether you are searching for restaurant reviews or want to learn about some new food varieties that the restaurants in your city are serving – you will get updated information at this food blog site. From pocket-friendly restaurants to veg only restaurants to the best bars in Chennai, you will get every kind of information at this blog.

3. Whine n Dine by Dr. Madhu Thottappillil

Whine n Dine  is the brainchild of Dr. Madhu Thottappillil. Dr. Madhu has a very unique tale. He is a renowned orthopaedic surgeon & sports medicine specialist, but he loves food too. So, he decided to launch a career in food blogging, and today he is one of the renowned food bloggers in India. From the best food options in Chennai (for varied tastes) to wine & drinks, Dr. Madhu has covered it all in his food blogs.

4. Girl with a Taste by Sukanya Kaur

This is a Facebook group administrated by the reputed food blogger from Chennai – Sukanya Kaur. Sukanya also has her namesake food blog site. If you want to follow the recent food festivals in Chennai then this is the blog to visit. If you want to dine out during a special festival, then Sukanya would tell you which restaurant offers something special for you!

5. Chennai Food Guide by Mohammad Ali

Mohammad Ali, who himself, is a trained chef and has been working in the food industry for many years, is the founder of this elaborate food blog site. There are many helpful categories at this blog and each comes packed with lots of information that the food connoisseurs would love. There is a recipes section which would teach you how to cook some of the most mouthwatering treats at home. Then there are food and restaurant reviews by independent food lovers. You can also come across many ongoing restaurant offers at this blog site. What’s more, you can even reserve seats at restaurants through the Chennai Food Guide.

6. My Tryst with Food by Shabnam

Shabnam, who is a passionate foodie herself, reflects her love for food through words on her blog- My Tryst With Food. Her Facebook has an ever-increasing number of followers. Shabnam likes the culinary voyages that she has in the streets and lanes of Chennai. And the best part is: she gives a complete guide to the best places to eat out in Chennai through her food blogs. No matter which part of Chennai you are putting up at, you will find information about the best restaurants around and the best dishes to taste while you are there.

7. Hungry Chennai Foodie by Priya Subramani

Priya Subramani surely knows her food. Her blog named Hungry Chennai Foodie  has already become a great source of information about food in Chennai. She claims herself to be a food critic and what a job she does at that! Right from depicting the d├ęcor and ambiance of a restaurant to going through the highlights of its menu, she dots down every detail. Whether you are craving for some seafood, Chinese or authentic Tamil food, you will get plenty of references at her blog.

8. Foodie Touch

Foodie Touch is not a blog site it has its presence only in the social media world. But its high popularity has made us include this Chennai food information source within our list! With a lot of followers on Facebook and Instagram, Foodie Touch has a typical know-it-first-here approach to their posts. And it is this philosophy that has been winning the hearts of Chennai food lovers.

9. The Hungry Zombie by Vidhya

The Hungry Zombie, by an erstwhile architect Vidhya, might have already caught your attention on Facebook. Their official blog site titled The Zombie Tales ould surely blow away your senses with their assortment of food blogs. From talking about Sharbats to best Chennai street food – Vidhya gives you a great understanding of the best food in Chennai.

10. Sammienatorr

This is a food blog that can take you on unconventional food trips through Chennai. From tasting the best kebabs in the city to having yummy Paneer treats, you learn it all at this food blog. There are plenty of ideas here for the corporate party planners too.

Hope we have been able to help you identify some of the best food blog sites talking about Chennai food!

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