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Apploye Review - Employee Monitoring software 2019

Many business owners and managers are facing one common dilemma – How to make sure their staff isn't misusing the internet during working hours. If you have these same concerns, you might have to consider the employee monitoring software products available like the Apploye, this software is designed to track your employees' productivity – the internet usage, the sites they are visiting, how much time they are spending and much more. While there's no doubt that these products do wonder, the question is still the same. Is that right for your business? 

According to Forbes, 64% of employees visit non – work-related websites in the working hours every day which leads to 24 hours wasting every month per employee. Employees are getting distracted by Facebook, YouTube, shopping online or play games. At the end of the months, you are paying a huge sum of dollars behind these hours. Can you afford it? 

That's when Apploye comes handy, which is a simple time tracking app that can monitor the activities of your employees and set you laid back relaxingly. 

Overview of Apploye

  • Checking the activity level of each employee through keyboard and mouse tracking and generate screenshots randomly every ten minutes.
  • It also allows you to track the applications and websites they are browsing.
  • You are also allowed to assign any online project and make daily timesheet effortlessly.
  • Powerful scheduling allows you to keep track of holidays and manage absent employees by shifting schedules when needed. 
  • If you are employees are working outdoor or work from home then you have got
  • GPS tracking feature which can locate outdoor employees and analyses their activities
  • You are allowed to monitor your employees or prefer the unmonitored plan for time tracking and scheduling. 
  • Apploye is available free for 14 days trial. Increase your teams' productivity by up to 30%.

What are the features of Apploye?

  • Online timesheet - Track when and the time spent by your employees
  • Employee scheduling - Schedule absent staff, shift planning, etc. 
  • Project and tasks - Track projects and tasks deadlines 
  • Monitoring employee - Monitor the project progress with screenshots
  • Productivity level - Increase the productivity level by observing your staffs individually
  • Apps and URL tracking - Get an overview of application usage of staffs and website visits
  • GPS Tracking - Tack outdoor activity of your employee's with GPS tracking. This feature can track location, time as well as GPS.
  • Managing field service – Track outdoor employees' work progress in real-time.

What issues will Apploye solve?

Let's find out why your business might need Apploye software

Saves time and money

One of the most important savings that can be had with Apploye software is time and as they all say – the time is gold. It's not uncommon to find project managers spending an hour dealing with excel spreadsheets or also even manually plotting charts and tables to match employees, projects and work schedules. If the process were automated though, a job that previously took hours to complete can be done in mere minutes with Apploye app. 

Improves workflow 

Businesses can use the Apploye app to further improve their workflows. The solution allows you to pinpoint areas where improvement is needed to put in place plans and directives that might lead to a more productive working team. 

Allows a more hand-on management 

Everything will be tracked and monitored and it is highly helpful for business owners to keep an eye on their employee's availability and non – availability making sure that all shifts and all locations are adequately staffed, and keep track of their presence. 

User satisfaction 

Apploye has received positive social media mentions. It is important not just see how experts review it, but also find out if the organizations and real people are satisfied with the product. That why we have made a poll on behavior-based customer satisfaction algorithms and the software had positive feedbacks and no negative experience, which is so exciting. 

Technical details of Apploye 

Devices Supported

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Android 

Pricing plan 

  • Unmonitored - $3 Per month/Per user 
  • Monitored - $6 Per month/Per user 
  • Enterprise – Get a quote
  • To get a free trial click here

How Apploye can help your business?

Apploye seems to be a simple employee tracking software but it's a powerful system that can collect and gather data. With all its features the software is a source of information. This software is also suitable for teams and individuals. It doesn't matter which business you handle, as long as you need data to refine your results and ensure the right processes take place in your company these solutions will be apt for your needs. 

Remember that it is not just about data. It is about knowing how work can be done, what are you and your employee's behaviors and how it works. The software enables you to see a large picture of what is going on in the company, track and monitor your staff's activities and also measure productivity. 


  • Easy – in use, intuitive 
  • Put to limit on distractions 
  • Search out for issue areas
  • Reallocate resources 
  • Prevent unauthorized access
  • Let the employees know the benefits 

Is Apploye Worth implementing in your business?

We tried and tested the software and its great! I was able to get complete and in-depth data about my activity after using it for a couple of hours. It provided me a clear picture of everything I do. We were able to use anything that is happening at working hours and find the root cause of the problems with work. 

If used in smart ways, Apploye can not only help your company to be productive but also individuals. Also, it will be your productivity superhero. 

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