Sunday, November 17, 2019

How to Get Prepared Before Hitting The Trails With Your Dogs?

Whether you are planning for a one day trip or for a long trail, it is highly important to get prepared prior to stepping into the wilderness. The first thing is to ensure that your canine can hold the physical exertion which is involved in hiking. This depends entirely on the dog’s breed, age, history of health and weight.

Check whether the pathways which you are choosing for hiking permits canine companions. There are many national parks that do not allow dogs on the trail. It is important to pack a first aid kit both for you and your dog for usage in an emergency situation. Try to stay away from that pesky flea as well as ticks by vaccinating your dog a minimum of 48 hours before you start for a hike. Another important factor is to make them wear a collar that contains all the identification tags as these may be helpful just in case if you are separated.

Even though leash policy is mandatory in certain trails, a few others are lenient. However, it is always better to carry a leash with you while hiking. Keep in mind that hiking with dogs in the woods is fun-filled, but make sure that your dog’s health together with your’s is protected.

How To Safely Hike With Your Dog

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