Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Beautiful Ad Shows What Every New Mom Wants To Hear From Her Partner

The first year of motherhood is a roller-coaster ride of unending adjustments and learning experiences. To celebrate moms and recognize all of their hard work, Pampers Japan released a real tear-jerker of a commercial in July.
In the ad, mothers take their babies to the doctor for their one-year check-up. This is not only a major milestone for the babies but also for the mothers, as the commercial notes, "a baby's first birthday is also a mom's first birthday." (Unless you speak Japanese, be sure to turn on the video captions.)
While the moms are in the doctors' offices, the dads set up a special surprise in the hallway -- beautiful tribute galleries filled with thank-you messages and family photos from the baby's first year of life. The dads then wait outside with cakes and even more kind words to thank the mothers of their children for everything they do for their family.
"Thank you moms for the most trying year of your life," the commercial captioning reads.
Tissues. We need so many tissues.

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