Sunday, September 21, 2014

Policeman husband that filmed himself raping his unconscious wife slaughters family

A BRITISH wife, her two children and her mother were slaughtered by her police officer husband after she discovered he filmed himself raping her after drugging her unconscious.

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Kelly Boren with her children Joshua and Haley and perverted husband Joshua [AP]
Kelly Boren, 32, from Northampton, was so horrified by the discovery that she wanted a divorce from American husband Joshua, 34.
They were already estranged when she found the tapes last year, prompting her to text him, saying: “I don’t want to live in fear and hate and anger.”
I hate my life because of you. You killed a part of me
Kelly Boren
The night before she died she repeatedly texted the word “rape” to Boren.
She demanded a divorce, telling him: “I hate my life because (of) you. You killed a part of me.”
The next day Boren went on the rampage in the family home, using his police-issue gun. He shot dead Kelly, their seven-year-old son, also called Joshua, and five-year-old daughter, Haley.
He then turned the gun on his mother-in-law, Marie King, before finally shooting himself dead.
The full story of the horrific murder-suicide in January can only be told this week after a seven-month inquiry in the US.
The deaths were discovered when Boren failed to show up for his night shift as a patrol officer in Lindon, Utah.
He had been a Utah county sheriff’s deputy for seven years, based about 50 miles from Salt Lake City.
According to this week’s police report, Boren struggled with drug addiction as a young man and was addicted to pornography. His therapist described him as a “three-year-old boy stuck in a big man’s body”.
Although the marriage fell apart when Mrs Boren found out about his perverted tapes, she apparently had not reported the attacks to the authorities because she did not want to wreck her husband’s career.
The estranged couple had also been at loggerheads over custody of their children. Mrs Boren had told her husband she would take them, prompting him to text: “Don’t involve the kids, they are innocent.”
Ms King’s sister Jeanette Malpas, from Northampton, wrote on Facebook after the killings: “Will never understand why someone has to take away lives like this...”

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