Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Virulent spread of Madras Eye

Virulent spread of Madras Eye

The nip in the air and incessant rains seem to have triggered the virulent spread of conjunctivitis, or Madras Eye, in Coimbatore. Government and private hospitals are recording an increasing incidence of Madras Eye caused by the adenovirus.
Conjunctivitis is a viral eye disease that spreads rapidly in the air, especially during cold weather. As the virus is communicable, if one contracts it in the family, the chances of others getting it is high.
Though there is no specific data in terms of the number of patients affected due to conjunctivitis, which is a seasonal viral attack, there is an increase in the number of patients infected, said joint director of medical and rural services, Dawood Fathima.
Cases are being recorded at primary health centres as well, said deputy director of health services, Dr S. Somasundaram. Viral exposure is higher during the rains and as the infection is highly contagious, but is self-limiting, it is important to visit the doctor for the prescribed eye drops.
Normally, the viral infection takes a week to 10 days to run its course and it is important to take precautions to contain the spread, Coimbatore medical college and hospital dean, Dr S. Revathy told DC.
The initial indications are redness, watering of eyes and discharge. It is important to keep away from those who have been affected. Parents should ensure that affected children are not sent to school as the infection tends to spread virulently among children.
"It is ideal for those affected to wear dark glasses. Personal hygiene is also a must. It is important to ensure that towels or any other personal belongings of the infected person are disinfected. It is also important to avoid touching the eyes of the infected person or shaking hands with them," the dean cautioned.
Usually, the viral infection does not result in any major complication. But it is important to consult the doctor and the best treatment is eye drops and a lot of rest, she added.

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