Saturday, October 11, 2014

Why People Don’t Do: Doubts On The Way To Creating

Have you ever wondered why some people never get around to doing the idea they always talk about? Other people procrastinate for a while and then actually do what they said they wanted to do. Entrepreneurs are doers. So what goes on in the mind of people who turn into entrepreneurs?
Imagine you’re sitting and trying to creating something by yourself and the voices inside your head come out. Here is who they are:
Mr. Fear, “…um, you might fail…”
Mr. Procrastinator, “Is ti the right time to do this?”
Mr. Over-optimism, “It’s taking too long.”
Mr. Nothing’ New, “Has this been done before?”
Mr. Parent, “Should you be doing something else?”
Mr. More Info, “Hey, do some more research?”
Mr. Not Me, “Are you the right person to do this?”
Mr. Popular, “What will your friends think?” 
According to Dr. Steel Procrastination Equation 95% of us procrastinate. Do you?
How will you spend your 133,00 working hours before you die?

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