Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Possible Major Secret Found Inside King Tut's Tomb

Infrared scans may have revealed a hidden chamber inside King Tutankhamun's tomb. One archaeologist believes that room contains the mummified remains of Nefertiti.A team of archaeologists has taken a big step toward confirming a tantalizing theory about King Tut's tomb—one that might reveal the long-sought burial place of Queen Nefertiti. National Geographic reports that infrared scans of the tomb suggest the existence of a hidden chamber. " The preliminary analysis indicates the presence of an area different in its temperature than the other parts of the northern wall," announced Egypt's antiquities minister. The difference in temperature might mean there's an open space behind that section of wall, according to Discovery. If there is indeed a secret room—further tests are planned to be sure—then it could prove the theory of British archaeologist Nicholas Reeves, who earlier this year claimed the tomb of King Tutankhamun contained two doorways that had been plastered and painted over.
Reeves came up with his theory by studying high-resolution scans of the tomb. The scans were actually made to produce a fake version of King Tut's tomb for tourists, but Reeves says they revealed fissures in the wall that are likely doorways. He believes the larger doorway leads to a chamber where Nefertiti—the wife of Tutankhamun's father—is buried. Reeves theorizes that Tut's tomb wasn't ready when he died unexpectedly at 19, and so he was buried in Nefertiti's tomb instead. However other archaeologists claims Nefertiti's mummy was already found elsewhere in 1898, though her identity was never confirmed, notes Discovery. No word yet on when the next tests will be conducted. (It seems Nefertiti had an ancient facelift.)

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