Monday, November 21, 2016

15 Mind Blowing Immediate Benefits of Demonetization! Media will Never tell you this!!

Indian media and crooked politicians are hiding many things from citizens, in fact they do not want us to know these facts as it will affect their credibility. We have decided to highlight major fifteen benefits of demonetization and how it is going to revolutionize the Indian economy in the long run. We believe this will clear the air and pave the way for a prosperous and strong India. Following are the benefits.

1. 100% fake currency out of circulation in one stroke! This is probably one of the greatest change that is taking place. This is exactly the reason behind this uproar, this madness from media and politicians, of course they are supported and backed by anti Indian forces.

2. Cash to create chaos and terror lying with terrorists, maoists, naxalites, Jihadis gone waste!

3. Hawala sources dried up for funding of terrorists, maoists, naxalites, conversion lobby and Jihadis. As we know there is a considerable decrease of violence in Kashmir after this decision. Once the funding stopped, there wont be any riots in the valley and we are already witnessing the live effect!

4. Kashmir back to normal, schools are opened, normalcy in the valley, no schools burnt, you wont find any stone pelters these days!

5. Banks have started mobile ATMs for Hospitals!

6. Jan Dhan accounts are fulled with money, Government started this scheme for financial inclusion purpose, but people were reluctant to keep money in the bank, but after demonetization started, citizens are ready to come back to the banking network and thereby our banking system strengthened, citizens will be the beneficiaries of financial inclusion!

7. 55 lakh money disputes settled in one day in Lok Adalats

8. According to state bank of India more than 3 lakh crore money, already deposited in the banks!

9. All business men are depositing cash lying with them as current year income with ADVANCE TAX

10. All jewellers are being issued forms to declare their GOLD stock on day to day basis!

11. Defaulters of bank, property tax, electricity bills, telecom bills are clearing their long pending bills.

12. Defaulters of all kind of taxes are clearing their dues!

13. Small vendors started going digital and already using APPS, digital forms of transactions and digital wallets!

14. Fiscal deficit of INDIA SET TO REDUCE!!!

15.Business men are declaring their black money as income and paying advance tax, we have seen many such examples in the recent days as many of them are coming forward and declaring cash lying with them as black money and paying taxes!

These are the immediate benefits of currency demonetization, we know there are many benefits but we focused on some important immediate effects! Do share this with our country men and support the cause of a corruption free, black money free India..

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