Thursday, April 30, 2020

How Flutter Has Become a Pacesetter in Mobile App Development

Flutter is a Software Development Kit for mobile applications developed by Google. Flutter was created to develop applications in both IOS and Android using a single code base with high performance and design. 


Dart is the programming language used by Flutter. It is a simple language that is easy to grasp, optimized for building UI and runs fast on all platforms. 


Hot reload helps you to quickly add features, fix bugs and build UIs. It includes updated source code files into the running Dart VM. The result of the changes can be seen instantly in your running application. 

Flutter Development- Widgets 

Widgets are classes that are used to build UIs and comprise almost everything in Flutter. The layout models, text, images and icons are all widgets in Flutter. It uses a hierarchy structure starting with a layout widget and can be nested. 

First select your layout widget based on your choice of alignment of your visible widget. For example: Center for center alignment of your content horizontally or vertically 

Create a visible widget that appears on your application. For example: you can create a text, image or icon widget. Then add the visible widget to the layout widget. Finally add the layout widget to the specified page. Simple widgets can be used to build complex widgets. This makes it easier to construct a large and complex application in Dart. 

Firebase in Flutter 

Firebase is used in backend services for your mobile applications such as authentication, storage and databases. If your team doesn’t have adequate number of backend developers then firebase can be the right choice for your mobile application development. 

Structural design and Management Tools 

When flutter was first introduced many developers were not able to fully depend on the structure and management tools of the framework and but as the time passed by, flutter was improved and was reaching new advancements. This led to many developers using this application for complex and intricate mobile application development. 

Now many developers are comfortable to use different APIs, data flows and more complex architectures in developing sophisticated mobile applications through Flutter. Now, Flutter is capable of managing difference designs and management tools due to its constant advancements. 

Operating System 

As we all know Flutter used a single-code base for application development in both android and iOS platform. For any business digital presence is an important aspect and with native application development it is expensive to develop and launch application in both the operation system. 

But, with the help of Flutter developers can create applications in both the platforms using only single code which saves a lot of time and expenses. We now can say that, Flutter can deliver high quality mobile applications in a cost effective way. 

Flutter Layouts 

The Flutter allows the developers to create and integrate layouts easily. It also allows the developers to create smooth user interface and user experience for mobile applications. 

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