Monday, May 11, 2020

What is in Store for 5G in Mobile App Development?

In this year 2020, the 5G network has been a hot topic of every industry. The introduction of the 5G network will shape the future of technology and the way of living. The 5G is not an updated version of its previous network, but it is entirely its own league with new functions and infrastructure. 

Now, when it comes to mobile application development, the 5G is said to completely change the application game and allow developers and designers to go for complex and more sophisticated layouts. 5G offers faster data sharing for smartphone users which increases the demand for the mobile application to be more complex with functionalities and features. Here what’s in store for 5G mobile app development in the future. 

How is 5G going to shape the mobile app development in future? 

Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the usage of mobile applications has never been this high. Since people cannot out anywhere, everybody has turned to the internet for entertainment, education and work. Even banking and transferring money through net banking has increased tremendously. 

At last, businesses and network companies realized that people are ready for 5G at this point in time. If mobile development companies create applications compatible with 5G, that will be a revolutionary change in technological development. 

5G Spaces 

If the network companies figure out a way to introduce the 5G into the general public, then it will be more profitable for the businesses. If once people get the taste of fast internet connection, there is no going back to the 4G. Many companies can attract more people to visit their spaces or stores if they offer 5G wifi connections, hence the beginning of 5G spaces or smart spaces. 

The businesses can earn more revenue by incorporating 5G network in public places such as airports, metro stations and shopping malls, where there is the most number of the general public in normal times. 

Smart gadgets and devices 

When people think about the word “smart”, they always think about smartphones, and yes smartphones contribute a lot when it comes to consumption of the internet. But the future might be slightly different. Many industry experts say that people will be using many other smart gadgets and devices, especially the wearable ones in the future. 

Many mobile development companies should make their applications capable of adjusting to these smart wearable devices because these devices may slowly replace the smartphone culture. 

Mobile development companies should focus on security. 

More data usage means more risks and opportunities for security breaching and that is why it is high time that mobile development companies focus on the security aspect of the applications more. The use of 5g will lead to more information sharing and data collection, which attracts a lot of hackers to hack all the information easily. 

Especially medical and healthcare-related applications need more security than ever to safeguard all information. The mobile app companies should produce high-performance applications yet with powerful security elements to withstand the competition and demands of the general public. 

In summary, the 5g network can do a lot to the mobile app development industry and may even shake up the conventional methods and make them adapt to new and fast phased development. The new 5g network will be beneficial to both the businesses and consumers if mobile applications are built compatible with the speed of the network, and it will shape many technologies in the future including the mobile app development. 

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Monish Sinthala, CEO of Pyramidion Solutions one of the well-established Mobile app development company in Chennai , and he wants to enhance the mobile app development with new technologies and tools and produce cutting-edge solutions to clients.

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