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A cruise convoy for you, Airbnb

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We are, all set for the vacation; we had planned for and are on route to our destination. How about someone who can take you on the trip with explaining you the intricacies of the location? That sounds really good and interesting as well, visiting places and knowing about it, feels good. People want to listen to the experiences from the locals rather than from a scripted tourist convoy.

The people in the locale do know the best places to visit during our stay. Apart from the popular places to trip, they also give the insights about oh! not so popular places as well. This is going to help us save money and time; if we hire a professional the rates are high. With the help of an Airbnb host, who is willing to take us around, it is cost effective and friendlier.

Airbnb is right now beta testing the new service which it wants to launch in all parts of the world. Apart from helping the landlords to list their space on the website for short term rental. They have decided to launch “City Hosts” which allows the guests to hire a tourist convoy. They can help the tourists to visit the clandestine spaces in the neighborhood.

These local experiences are custom made for the travelers, to give them the best experience for a lifetime. Currently the number of specialists for visits is only 36 and will grow in numbers. For the travelers to experience these specialized visits, they have to use Airbnb for their stay in the area. We can experience it as an individual or as a group, for that we should count on the City Host preferences.

This profession is not available on a large scale; it is just one of the multiple jobs people pursue. Airbnb is aiming at bringing in full time professionals who can help the tourists to roam about the best places in the ghettos. The company has been helping out landlords to earn a bit more apart from their usual income. The City Hosts idea is a great initiative for the people who love to travel with the locals.

There are certain factors which a host has to look into, to give a great experience to the guest.

Think from a guest’s perspective
When we decide to host our space online and want to provide a wonderful experience. We need to think through the eyes of a guest, if you were a guest what would you expect from a host? A warm welcome note for the guest will make them feel at home, try to put some from flowers along with the note if possible. A short note with details about the neighborhood with the best foods available and the must visit places.

Engage an efficient shutterbug
A picture will speak volumes than words can do. We need to hire a skillful shutterbug, who can capture the best pictures of our safe haven. They know the right way to present things to the audience, they are good at it. A perfect picture will surely take you places and it is worth your investment. It will help us to reach the masses and earn that extra money.

Don’t hire a professional to clean
Try to avoid hiring professionals for cleaning up your house. It is better that we personally clean up, as it will help us to keep our house more cleanly. We will be able to find the issues we need to fix, which may not happen with a professional. We can give more attention to the things which have been neglected. Above all, it will help us to save some more money apart from earning through hosting.

Rack up the utilities
The best way to help our guests is to stock up few utilities for them to use. They will be new to the neighborhood and will not be aware of the nearby grocery stores. It is advised that, we stock up the toiletries and preferably some snacks (optional) to munch on.  It will make the guest feel more welcomed and glad that they are treated well and their expectations have been met.

Respond ASAP
When we are finished setting up our house and have listed it out on the website. We need to respond to our guests as soon as possible, this will help us in, for more reservations. Be prompt enough to be able to answer all the queries posted by the guest. Be nice, kind, sweet and compassionate towards them while having a conversation. 

Flexibility, matters in negotiation
If the guests want to negotiate the charges you have put up for a night. Look into the requests and reasons, if we can find it to be reasonable and valid enough. We can lower the charges a few dollars than the actual cost. This will lead to a good bonding with the guests on a long run.

Be more hospitable
Here, we are willing to serve our fellow beings and make them feel at home. Giving leads about the precinct to guests will make them feel comfortable. It will be easier for them to commute to places and have a hassle free journey. The more courteous we are, we will receive good feedbacks and reviews. This will help us to hold up more hosting and give great experiences to the travelers.

There we go, with the suggestions for being a wonderful host to the guests. If we can follow all this, we will have a great business in our hands. By then, we would have mastered the skills of hosting on Airbnb. Money will be in the making and we will be able to get out of our mortgage and save money for our future.
Now, let’s go ahead and look on the other side of the coin, to know the cons. It is a fact that we have been able to earn extra money with help of Airbnb. But, it also has its own consequences which we happen to face. A list of acquisitions and allegations were made against the company by the lawmakers. The house owners of the Airbnb listing were affected due to this.

The lawmakers have banned short term rentals in few parts of the US and other parts of the world. A house owner is allowed to host their house for less than 30 days, only if they have a city permit. But, there are a few cities which allow people to rent out their houses for 6 weeks or 120 days without a permit. Complaints were made about parties being held and people cramming into properties.

If our property gets damaged, we have an option to claim insurance from the company. But, we need to check with the professionals about our claims, whether it is worth or not. If we have bigger houses and want to enlist it on the website, how much we need to pay to get it insured? It may be double the value we have made out of our hosting.

We are earning that extra income so as to clear up our mortgage. But, there have been instances where the banks have turned down people. It stated that they cannot allow people to credit their mortgage through an income which is home trading. The homestay network clearly states on its website that, the citizens have to pay the taxes which they are accustomed to. 

If we are taking a house on lease and want to host it on Airbnb and make money. We need to make sure that, we do inform our landlord and get their permission. As, there have been incidents, where people hosted the houses without concern. Each city has a set of regulations to be followed, we need to check and only then host our condos.

Meanwhile, the sharing economy company has made few changes in its business. It will allow a host to have only one listing at a time, no multiple listings. It has suspended the listings, which do not abide by the law and its standards. It is aiming at racial discrimination issues. Safety and security measures have been taken to keep the surroundings safe for the travelers.

People are reaching out for this home sharing business and are willing to follow the rules. It may have replaced the conventional ways of renting, but still the leasing out of houses is much intact. While, 80% of the populations are expected Airbnb to be legalized, the rest has issues with the tranquility and serenity of the public. This organization has seen all the kinds of odds and has made it large; it has a long way to go.

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