Friday, December 2, 2016

Ford’s Unveiles A Tiny Stand On Car That You Can Carry With You

The transport of tomorrow is innovating to accommodate every challenge of urban living—where cars can’t go, innovations like the electric rideable Carr-E will take you.
Ford recently conducted the Last Mile Mobility Challenge, an idea-generation competition among its employees. It seeks to develop compact transport solutions for congested urban spaces. The contest gathered 633 proposals for mobility solutions.

Carr-E, designed by Kilian Vas, was one of the finalists. The small EV can fit in the spare tire compartment in the trunk of any car. Carr-E can carry loads weighing up to 120 kilograms (265 lb) at speeds up to 18 kilometers per hour (11 mph), with a range of 22 kilometers (14 miles). It’s built to be a cargo-carrying partner. Users can load up Carr-E, place an accompanying beacon in their pocket, and walk to their destination. The little scooter will follow.
“We really need to reinvent the wheel, to find new approaches to mobility,” says Vas. “When developing the Carr-E, I was inspired by Ford’s expansion into both an auto and a mobility company, but I’m also aware of how rapidly cities are growing and how getting around urban areas will become progressively more complicated. I really wanted to create a device that makes commuting easier and more fun.”

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