Monday, August 14, 2017

Bigg Boss Tamil: What Oviya and Julie did after coming out of Kamal Haasan's show?

Popular Bigg Boss Tamil contestants Oviya and Julie have been eliminated from the Kamal Haasan-hosted show. After entertaining the viewers for over 40 days, they are now back to the normal lives.
Oviya opted out of Bigg Boss Tamil over health issues, while Julie was eliminated based on the viewers' votes. During their stay, they had garnered the attention of the audience in their own ways.

What did they do after coming out of the show?
Oviya came out of the show a day before Julie was eliminated. The actress, who was unaware of the huge love being showered upon her, took time to understand things happening around us. She also interacted with her fans.
The actress was in Chennai Trade Centre and was surrounded by crazy fans. She took selfies and answered many of their questions. The 26-year old looked overwhelmingly happy at the unconditional love coming her way.
Oviya reiterated that she is madly in love with Aarav and refused to talk ill about him amid the chorus that "he is not worth it."
On the other hand, after coming out of the show, Julie was spotted with Bharani. Upon seeing him, she fell down at his feet and begged to pardon her for her mistakes.
Meanwhile, photos and videos of both Julie and Oviya, after they were spotted in public, have gone viral.
Oviya was one of the favourite contestants to win the Bigg Boss Tamil. Unfortunately, she ended her journey over stress that she underwent for weeks in the house. Whereas Julie, who was initially loved by fans, was at the receiving end for being dishonest and spreading lies about Oviya.

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