Wednesday, September 20, 2017

John Abraham and Bipasha Basu break-up: What exactly went wrong between them

John Abraham and Bipasha Basu's relationship was the stuff of legend. Love blossomed between the two on the sets of Jism (2003), and then there was no looking back. Their adorable displays of affection gave everyone relationship goals, and millions waited with bated breath for them to get married. So when John and Bipasha announced that they were parting ways after almost a decade of being together, it came as a a bolt from the blue.
From infidelity to John's reluctance to commit, many reasons were speculated to be the cause of the split. It was a bitter break-up, and the two have not stayed in touch. Bipasha recently said that it was very much possible to be friends with your ex, if he wasn't an "a******". Whether she was hinting at John or not is anyone's guess.
Incidentally, John and Bipasha have given very different versions of their break-up. While Bipasha told The Times Of India that their split was "definitely not amicable", John said on a chat show that it was "very, very amicable" and that "there was nothing ugly" about it. "When we broke up, we spoke about it like two very mature individuals and realised that we were not on the same plane," he said.
One of the theories doing the rounds was that Bipasha was keen on tying the knot with John, since they had been together for almost a decade, but he was not willing. On the same show, John admitted that he did not want to get married and said, "We have grown out of the relationship and somewhere down the line, I'd point a finger at myself and say that I probably didn't match up to a lot of things. We both had different visions for this relationship. I probably wasn't ready to commit at a point of time when the relationship needed culmination."
Bipasha, however, had a different version of events. There were rumours that John cheated on her with his now-wife Priya Runchal. Bipasha seemed to confirm this when she said in an interview with The Times Of India in 2012. "Though no break-up is a good break-up, time heals everything, including broken friendships... But cheating, infidelity and deceit are generally tough to forgive, and in those cases, real friendship is not possible," she said. When prodded about whether John was unfaithful to her, Bipasha said, "I reserve my comments."
She did not spell it out, but her hint was not missed. A few months later, John claried his side of the story. "I know that break-ups stir up a lot of emotions and I can empathise with that. I come from a family where credibility and honesty have always mattered. Cheating and dishonesty, in any form, is not in my DNA," he told Hindustan Times. He added that he had maintained a dignified silence all this while, but that should not be mistaken as guilt.
Bipasha also said that she gave her hundred per cent to the relationship, and went the extra mile for love. Not only did she give up her social life, but also lost out on films, if she is to be believed. "I am to blame for what happened to me. I allowed a lot. Anyone who pulls you down in your life, should not be in your life," she told The Times Of India.
When it all fell apart, Bipasha was in no mood to forgive John. However, John maintained on the show that he was more than open to being on good terms with her. "Bipasha has been an exceptionally great friend, and I'd love to get that friendship back," he said.
Today, John Abraham is happily married to Priya Runchal, while Bipasha Basu has found the perfect husband in Karan Singh Grover. But even though both have moved on, it does not look like the former couple will bury the hatchet anytime soon.

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