Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Nishant Malkani turns down reports of sexual harassment by Ragini MMS Returns actress Riya Sen

© IBTimesReports were making the rounds on the internet that Riya Sen caused s***** harassment to her co-star Nishant Malkani while shooting for a steamy lovemaking scene in their upcoming Alt Balaji's new erotica web series Ragini MMS Returns. Turning down all the reports, Nishant has finally opened up about the entire episode denying the claim that he was the victim of s***** harassment and objectification by Riya Sen.

While the actor was merely elaborating one of the funny incidents in an interview, his words were completely blown out of proportion which often happens in the world driven by social media.

"I was stunned with all the reports of Riya s******* harassing me. For God's sake, I would know if I was s******* harassed. And I am man enough to own up to it if it happened. It is ridiculous to even suggest that Riya took advantage of me. If she pulled my pants down she did it for the scene. I am okay with it. She's okay with it. Her husband is okay with it. Then who are these people shouting about s***** harassment?" Nishant told DNA in a report adding that s***** harassment is a very serious matter and it should not be trivialised and used for making sensational headlines.

"We were shooting a bedroom sequence where we had to get intimate. In the bid to make it as real as possible we were both improvising. Riya pulled my track pants down, and that too just a bit," he said adding that it is equally important for a man or a woman to come forward if you are s******* harassed.

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