Monday, October 9, 2017

Whatever you do, do not drape your saree like Shilpa Shetty

There's a very, very fine line between beautiful and weird when it comes to experimental fashion. The latest thing that has caught tinsel-towners' attention for experimentation is the traditional Indian saree.

Yes, we agree that the six-yard wonder was being draped in exactly the same way (more or less) over the past many decades. And yes, a refreshing experiment or two in that direction was more than needed. But what Shilpa Shetty wore recently actually made us feel a little bad for playing around with such a beautiful traditional piece of clothing.

This is what Shilpa Shetty recently wore:

Now, we're all for experimental fashion. But this saree is just taking things to a whole new level of weird. The IKAI saree is not just looking uncomfortably draped--we wonder how she's walking in it--but it also looks incomplete. The attire is more of a skirt with pallu, worn with a contrasting coloured crop-top. And those Louboutin pumps are just the wrong pick for the attire, especially the colour.

The sad part is, Shilpa has experimented with sarees in the past too, and has emerged looking rather beautiful in them. Here's the case in point:

This one experiment, however, just went a little over the top, Shilpa.

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