Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The Evolution of Digital Comics

Author Bio: Amy Boyd is a huge fan of anime. She has written several blogs about anime and other information related to Japanese culture. She has also been to Japan several times on a holiday trip.

When you think of manga and anime, you immediately think of Japan. These concepts started in Japan, but they now have a worldwide impact. Even in countries like India where you don’t think they would have a massive impact, they comics have become increasingly popular.

The popularity of Japanese comics has gone to an entirely new level with the birth of webtoons or digital comics. It is like reading these comics but through a digital platform. It is different from simply watching anime videos.

Not only did webtoons reach neighbouring countries like India, it has also stretched out to North and South America. Its readership has increased to double digit percentage in just a few years. When webtoons started, they were a thing only in South Korea and Japan.

However, given the ability of the stories to connect to a diverse audience, webtoons are now all around the world. They have over 30 billion accumulated views over the years. There is also an average of 6.1 million readers on a daily basis.

If these numbers indicate anything, it is the fact that webtoons will continue soaring higher. With more contents available online, more people have been hooked up with webtoons. This is also a good thing for webtoon authors.

They are now earning upwards of $80,000 per month because of the increasing number of digital comics fans.

Without a doubt, digital comics have taken the world by storm. If you want to know more about it, check out the infographic below.
The Evolution of Digital Comics


  1. No doubt animes have become one of the strongest field of digital media.People not only want to see them,but also want to experience different types of comedy characters in it.

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