Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Blogs for 2019

Cloudways Blog

Cloudways blog provides valuable resources on startup development, marketing, and ecommerce. Our entrepreneurship blog contains in-depth and detailed posts on a wide range of topics.

That is the edge that this blog enjoys. This blog is for budding startup founders who are just starting out and even to those that have already sustained in the market but are trying to expand their businesses. It has got something for everyone.

Brian Solis’ Blog

Brian Solis is an award-winning author, blogger, and keynote speaker. He has studied the patterns of success and the impact of new technologies on the business world. In fact, he has created his wealth by studying and applying the same patterns to his life and then writing about them. Brian is a keynote speaker at many major tech events. His blog is a great resource for advice on customer experience, leadership, and management.

Under 30 CEO

Under 30 CEO is not just an entrepreneurial blog focusing on startups and entrepreneurship, it has something for everyone trying to beat unproductivity. The purpose if this blog is to feature successful people who are still under 30. With that said, the blog focuses on highlighting their core strengths, so that others can follow and do the same. Sometimes it focuses on freelancers, sometimes, startup owners, and sometimes investors. The reason why it is helpful for entrepreneurs is that they can learn a lot about the types of business people usually do and realign their own business strategy.

StartUp Mindset

StartUp Mindset is a blog for all startup founders who are just starting their businesses. It features content on startup topics such as business growth, leadership, money, finance, and technology. The blog has been publishing startup content regularly for last eight years and is a prime resource for most entrepreneurs.

500 Startups

500 Startups is a venture fund and startup accelerator based out of China. Dave McClure and Christine Tsai are the people behind this initiative. So far it has invested in more than 1600 companies around 60 countries. The company also runs a regular blog on startup management and funding. It has a separate team for the blog that provides thorough and in-depth articles on growth hacking, marketing, venture based funding, and product development.

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