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Are you happy about your body? Well, if you are like the majority of the men and women, then chances are that you’re unhappy about your own appearance. Some common reasons could be like that of being skinny, being overweight, or lacking great physique. A lot of people go for quick fix remedies like tummy tuck surgery and other cosmetic procedures to improve their looks.
1. Always go for Multiple Exercises
Many people prefer jogging or running to burn off those extra calories. A month later, they complain that the results are unsatisfactory and finally quit their weight loss routine. And they’re back on pizzas and burgers. This is the common scenario in the majority of overweight people.
Truth be told, there is no ‘one-exercise-fits-all’ solution for weight loss. You get the best results when you include multiple exercises in your sessions. In other words, running combined with a bit of weight training and ground exercises will give you 30% to 40% better results than just running.  to learn some useful ideas and suggestions on how to get the best from the right workout and diet plan.
From Conor McGregor to Ronnie Coleman, every professional practices at least 4-5 different workouts per session and that’s what gives them superior results. Beyond results, the multiple exercise sessions also help you to stay motivated and enjoy your sessions more than single workout sessions.     
2. Exercise Every Day
If someone told you that exercising every day can cause counter effect, they’re wrong. The truth is, any form of physical activity, whether it’s running, swimming and cycling or weight training, that pumps more blood to your heart is very good for your overall health and fitness. However, do not stick to extended training sessions seven days a week. Prefer 30-minute exercises seven days a week for great results.
3. Train with Weights
How many amateurs lift weights for weight loss? A very few. The reason? A lot of them believe that weight training results in muscle gain and in turn makes them look bulkier. However the truth is, training with smaller weight in more reps helps to tighten targeted muscles and improves your physical structure. It also strengthens the bones and joints and keeps you fit and healthy.
Every sexy fitness model that you see on the Internet and TV commercials train with weights – and that’s the biggest secret of their attractive body, which we all envy.
So if you were avoiding weights all these days, make sure to start working with them under the guidance of an expert!

4. Do not skip your Recovery Meal
A lot of people skip meals after a heavy workout. I know a lot of evening gym goers who take nothing more than a glass of banana juice for dinner. That’s because they fear that a good meal after an intense could load them back with extra calories. However, that’s not the way it is.    
Post workout meals only help you get the most of your workout. How? They refuel your body with proteins and vitamins that are lost during workout. This helps to repair the muscle fibers and results in better development. That’s why they are called recovery meals.
The best recovery meals include protein shakes and raw fruits and vegetables that are alkaline in nature.

  5. Stay Focused
If you are working out your abdominal muscle thinking about yesterday’s baseball match, you won’t get the right result. Focus is one of the most important aspects of muscle development. When you’re training your abdominal muscle, think about the expansion and contraction of your muscle area. This will not only help you get the best results but also avoid injuries. Focus and motivation are as important as diet and exercise.
Try keeping short-term goals (daily and weekly) to improve your focus and efficiency. Set realistic goals and stick to them at any cost. This is one of the most essential qualities for becoming a successful fitness professional.
6. Go for outdoor exercises
Outdoor exercises are mandatory for every athlete (includes amateurs and professionals). A research conducted by the scientists at National Institutes of Health revealed that exercises like running and cycling help burn more calories when performed outdoors than indoors. In the study, a group of men who did outdoor exercises burned 300 calories as opposed to people who reduced 270 calories by exercising indoors on treadmill and cycling machine.
7. Diet
Whether you’re into weight loss or professional bodybuilding, your workouts are 50% and the balance 50% is your diet. No matter where you work out (indoor, outdoor or gym), what you eat is as important as what you do with your workouts. In order to get the best out of your workouts, see to that you include lots of proteins, vitamins, and minerals and little to no fat.
As much as possible substitute any commercial supplement with natural food that are rich in nutrients. You can consume a lot of raw vegetables and fruits in addition to milk and nuts. This will help ensure that you stay fit and healthy for long. Cheers!     

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