Monday, September 24, 2018

Education Policies

1. Best of Education Blog

This Best of Education Blog, hosted by the National Education Policy Center, pulls recent posts from various education bloggers. It covers all education issues including teacher unions, curriculum, technology, policy, and even teacher evaluations.

2. Thoughts On Education Policy

This blog primarily focuses on urban poverty as it relates to educational policy. The author Corey Bower became frustrated with the education system after trying to teach in an inner city New York school for two years. Now, he is a professor of leadership at Niagara University. Expect to read posts about frustrating classroom conditions, the differences in high and low performing schools, and why everyone should have a liberal arts education.

3. Edwize

Edwize is a blog for education news and opinion. It focuses on New York schools, teachers, and issues. Be sure to check out the section called New Teacher Diaries- real life stories from New York’s new public school teachers.

4. Education Experts Blog

This blog’s tagline is, “Debating the future of American education.” Expect to read posts about politics, testing problems, and other issues plaguing the current educational system.

5. Edspresso

Edspresso’s clever name highlights the focus of this blog- a daily morning shot of the latest education news and reform. It covers headlines and politics as it relates to education and is updated frequently.

6. Successful Schools

Scott Taylor is an assistant superintendent and professor at the University level. His blog is listed on Edudemic’s website as one of the top education blogs that you should follow. His casual conversational style is easy to read and still packs a powerful and profound punch.

7. Joanne Jacobs

Joanne Jacobs, writer and educator, writes a blog about education in general. A diverse range of topics are covered.

8. Campaign K-12

A blog focusing on education and politics. Current posts center around the campaign trail leading up to the US election in November, and how it relates to education policy.

9. Stories From School

Stories from School was labeled as one of the best educational blogs of 2010. It focuses on real life examples and stories of teachers and how they are impacted by the latest educational policy changes.


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