Monday, October 1, 2018

Its Only Mind - Review

Itsonlymind review

Itsonlymind is a website that deals with matters related to the complex human mind. It is aimed at unlocking the potential of mind and helping in understanding the matters of life that bother us. It serves as a platform to enable everyone to lead more fulfilling and enjoyable lives through motivational, spiritual and self-help articles.

The website is neatly divided into several sections such as blogs, activity, forums, groups, courses etc. One can easily become a member by creating an account. Personal problems can be discuses and their solutions can be sought. An interaction between the readers is welcomed through comments and forum section. The blog section has several well-written articles on topics like anger management, inner peace, calmness, ego problems, gratitude, addiction, exercises and wellness. It offers a live forum for people across the globe to deal with delicate issues and find solutions to them.
Despite being based on a heavy concept, the portal has an easy-going and youthful look.  The interface is fairly free of clutter and very appealing. The navigation is easy and quick too. The blue and green font over a white background has a calming effect on the readers something that resonates well with the underlying motive of this portal.

its only mind is a much-needed portal for today’s generation who finds itself failing to cope up with the pressures of life. 

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