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20 Best Middleman & Broker Business ideas for 2020

  1. Start-up Capital Brokerage
Raising capital is one of the business challenges entrepreneurs dread most but unfortunately; it’s a nightmare we can’t run away from if any business is to be ventured into. If you can position yourself as a middleman or broker; linking up startup entrepreneurs with venture capitalists and angel investors, then you are in business.
  1. Start a Freelance Market Place
Think of,, uber, and, they are essentially meeting places where people gather looking for work either to be done or to do the work. When two parties agree to a job, the money is placed in the secure hands of the middleman site who releases it to the rightful party once the finished work is accepted.
You can start a freelance market place for any type of work and profession such as writer, data entry experts, copywriters, graphic designers, book keepers etc. You will charge a certain stipulated percentage of commission.
  1. Start a Travel Agency
More and more people are getting attracted to this type of small business. The reasons are not difficult to guess. Once again, you can have your own work schedule and work from within the comforts of your home. Then, you also have the freedom of investing as much money as you can easily afford.
That means you can start with small money and expand on finding it profitable. The more you invest in the form of money and time in booking clients, the more is your profit. As a travel agent, you care the link between the client and hotels, airline, restaurants etc. in their destination.
  1. Antiques and Collectibles Business
You would have surely known somebody who loves to collect antiques as a hobby. But do you know that dealing with antiques is a very interesting and profitable business. Antique dealers look for these valuable pieces and sell them at a profit. For dealing with antiques and collectibles, you’ll be required to look for different sources for their procurement, learn to evaluate them and then buy these for selling to your clients.
  1. Bounty Hunting
A bounty hunter is a person who traces criminals that don’t turn up at the appointed court after the bond agency has already posted bail. It’s the responsibility of the bounty hunter to locate and bring the fugitive back to the county where they committed the crime to justice to be awarded. To qualify as a bounty hunter you must get familiar with the laws of the state concerning bail and bonds. Some states demand the bounty hunter to have undergone training and possess a license.
  1. Estate Agency
Another profitable and thriving business that an entrepreneur who is interested in being a middleman or broker can successfully launch is a real estate agency business. The fact that real estate business is a very rewarding business does not mean that there are no challenges in the industry.
Starting a real estate agency in the United States of America comes with its own challenges, you would have to abide by the law and also compete with loads of other entrepreneurs who also are interested in making a living and building a business in the US.
  1. Freight Brokerage
If you want to start a business with limited capital, not a ton of licensing and unlimited earnings potential? Why not start a freight broker business? A freight broker is the middle man between companies that need materials/goods shipped and the company transporting them. To start a freight broker business, you do not have to be a rocket scientist.
  1. Start a Property Market Website
One easy way of making money from the real estate industry is to create a website where people can list their properties that are for sale, lease and for rent. It is a simple business to operate in the value chain of the real estate industry because this type of business requires minimal start – up capital and it is a business that can run on autopilot. So if you are looking for a real estate related business to start, then one of your options is to create a website for listing properties that are for sale, lease and rent.
  1. Human Resource Management-: The perfect small business opportunity for someone who has some experience in human resource management. The task involves supplying manpower to large number of companies out there.
  1. Marketing Consultancy
If you have the quality of convincing and attracting customers, then the best in hand business opportunity for you is to start your own marketing consultancy business that will help new as well already existing companies to growth their customer base.
  1. Import-Export Broker
These people are facilitators for importers and exporters. Import-export brokers interface with U.S. Customs, other government agencies, international carriers, and other companies and organizations that are involved in international freight transportation.
  1. Start an Export Management Company
An EMC handles export operations for a domestic company that wants to sell its product overseas but doesn’t know how (and perhaps doesn’t want to know how). The EMC does it all–hiring dealers, distributors and representatives; handling advertising, marketing and promotions; overseeing marking and packaging; arranging shipping; and sometimes arranging financing.
  1. Start an Export Trading Company
While an EMC has merchandise to sell and is using its energies to seek out buyers, an ETC attacks the other side of the trading coin. It identifies what foreign buyers want to spend their money on and then hunts down domestic sources willing to export. An ETC sometimes takes title to the goods and sometimes works on a commission basis.
  1. Start a Lumber Brokerage Business
Lumber brokers serve as the middlemen between lumber mills and lumber buyers. They are usually experts in the lumber industry who are well connected and possess a firm grasp of both lumber products and the marketplace in general. Although some brokers do business with independent lumberyards, many specialize in providing lumber and building materials for large building projects and major contractors.
  1. Start a Mortgage Brokerage Business
Even in harsh economic times, companies and consumers apply for mortgages in order to finance the purchase of real estate, and many do this with the help of mortgage brokers. A mortgage broker business acts as an intermediary between the party looking to buy real estate and the lender, oftentimes a bank, which can provide the funding for the real estate. A mortgage broker business gains a commission, usually a percentage of the loan amount, as payment for its services.
  1. Commercial Loan Broker
Being a commercial loan broker is becoming a popular career nowadays. When you become this kind of broker, you will serve as a middle man for borrowers and lenders. Your main responsibility is to help any person who is going to borrow money in selecting the best loans when it comes to attaining his or her financial goals.
Being a commercial loan broker is not that hard as compared to any other kind of broker. You mainly secure loans for businesses so you are not bound by any institution related to lending.
  1. Become a Business Broker
Business brokers, also called business transfer agents, or intermediaries, assist buyers and sellers of privately held business in the buying and selling process. They typically estimate the value of the business; advertise it for sale with or without disclosing its identity; handle the initial potential buyer interviews, discussions, and negotiations with prospective buyers; facilitate the progress of the due diligence investigation and generally assist with the business sale.
  1. Online Business Brokerage
Thousands of established businesses and business opportunities are bought and sold annually in North America, and now is your chance to cash in on the public’s demand for opportunities in self-employment by posting a business for sale website.
The site will have to be indexed into numerous sections that represent various businesses for sale and opportunities like manufacturing, distributorships and so on. In exchange for a $100 posting or listing fee, clients would receive a six-month posting on the site that describes their business or business opportunity for sale along with contact information.
  1. Community Delivery Service
Equipped with nothing more than a cell phone to handle incoming and outgoing customer calls, coupled with reliable transportation, you can offer clients in your community fast and convenient delivery and/or pickup services for dry cleaning, spirits, fast foods, medications, event tickets, groceries, pet foods, flowers or just about anything else imaginable. The business is also easily expanded simply by putting your marketing and management skills to work.
  1. Become a Demographic Data Broker
Once a business determines who their target market is for a product or service they’ll be selling, they have to know where the target market is, how many potential customers are in the target range and what the trends in terms of their target market are. Starting a demographic data brokerage service will enable you to fill the demand for corporations, organizations and small-business owners for demographics information.

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