Tuesday, November 13, 2018

How to choose the best CMS for your business? Open Source CMS Vs Licensed CMS?

To build a brand new website or creating a web development project, absolutely the first choice is the content. With the right content management system, the business can be projected in an effective strategy. In nowadays world of digital communication, everywhere the works and actions are carried as digital derived options which are open source, e-commerce focused, and content focused. Thus to strive in this path of business right content is the needed fuel to ignite the business towards winning path.

CMS means Content Management System and it is used for effective use of content for the content marketing campaigns. It is not a matter of how great the content, the CMS should display and manage it in the right way; otherwise, it will not create the exact impact of the quality content.

Nowadays, content remains as the strong backbone to gain effective interaction with the customers and to get a great reach through different pipelines. Users are highly engaged with the content in various smart mobile apps and websites. If a website has to remain strong, then the ultimate thing to do is to regular update of different types of contents, blogs and even through the social media platforms. To handle all these things in a well-defined way, Content Management System is the mandatory option to get accurate managing of contents in an efficient way.

With prolific types of CMS in the market, it is a hard task to choose the best one to carry out complex tasks. It can be decided based on some preferred factors such as platform, market requirements, number of users and absolutely the budget. If it meets the business demands and satisfying the profit criteria then the right CMS option can be chosen wisely. Overall the CMS is categorized into open source and License types.

Following are some easy factors to be well analyzed before choosing a Content Management System,

1.      Cost
Source code availability is the only differentiating factor that exists between the licensed system and open source. Open source is totally available for free and the updates can be easily done by a huge number of users. But it lacks the other support and security guarantee features with the trusted providers. Open Source CMS is a freely available one and the frequent updates can be done by a huge number of users. But a licensed CMS is the one which is sourced by a third-party, and to avail that CMS one has to pay for it and also the support and maintenance features are all covered.

2.      Methodologies used
Licensed CMS is a dedicated paid option that offers a well-developed roadmap for the process executed and other developments which is based on planned schedules. It is easy to handle for the programmers as they have knowledge about the whole plan process of the CMS for the project. But Open source CMS is a peer production one with volunteers, where the source code is open to the public. It will be harder to find out the person who contributed to the software.

3.      Support features
To keep the CMS in a safe way is a very important aspect, as it is managing all the contents such as blogs, social media pages, intranet etc. If any issue is rising on CMS, it can directly impact the customer service. So it is better to have a quick support system for the CMS. With an open source CMS, anyone can take over the code and formal support options are not available for that. But for licensed CMS separate 24*7 support services are there. So CMS can be easily protected and maintained.

4.      Necessary updates
Without proper updates on time, the user experience can be totally affected. For CMS also, it is necessary to sustain technological changes and user demands. To satisfy the user with perfect user experience, updates are a mandatory one. In open source CMS, the codes are open and it can be modified. But that modification process will be a tedious one. But a licensed CMS has options of a clear upgrade at the regular time so that the services can be unaffected.

5.      Easy customization
This customization option is totally dependent on the type of business involved. To maintain the content management in a unique way for the audience, then the CMS should be capable of easy customization option. Open source CMS has an inconsistent user interface but a licensed one has add-on options and it is easy to customize the content on sites at regular intervals of time.

To summarize, whether choosing open source or licensed, it is based on the requirements. By proper consideration of the above-said features, one can get an idea to choose the right one to offer clear contents for the users.


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