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Successful Women Entrepreneurs in India Who’ve Made a Mark in the Startup Ecosystem


Founder, Menstrupedia

“She can’t enter the kitchen, the temple or her house even. She isn’t allowed to bake, come in contact with men and, she has no clue why she’s being ostracized”. This is how menstruation is dealt with in most rural and certain urban areas in India… till Aditi Gupta could stand it no more.

Aditi is working towards spreading awareness about menstruation. She conducted extensive research regarding the unawareness about menstruation in India, and how it impacts a girls life. Similarly, she carried out this extensive research as a Ford Foundation research Scholar.

What Is Menstrupedia All About?

Having empathized with similar situations herself while growing up in Jharkhand. Aditi created a Hindi comic book with her now-husband Tuhin Patel, illustrating and educating girls about menstruation. From here, Aditi and Tuhin’s venture has scaled to a whole website called Along with a comic book section to simplify menstruation for the reader.

The comic as well as the website has guides on hygiene, health and ways to be active during periods, plus – answers to frequently asked queries. She is one of the most innovative women entrepreneurs in India.


Founder, V Resorts

Don’t be a tourist, be a traveler. That’s the motto Aditi lives by. She has been passionate about traveling since she was a school-going kid. Consequently she has traveled across 135+ cities over 6 continents. Having graduated as a management student from ISB Hyderabad and Fuqua, Duke University. Intially Aditi began her career in finance, V Resorts is her first venture outside of finance. Aditi has alos been recognized as Fortune 100 Most Powerful Women Asia 2017 and Dell Foundation’s 200 most powerful women entrepreneurs in the world in 2016. Similarly, she has also written for the likes of Times Of India, Econominc Times, and YourStory. Along with that Aditi has also contributed to the World Economic Forums Travel & Tourism Report of 2017.

What Is V Resorts All About?

Aditi has built the V Resorts business from the ground up, have carefully curated, developed and managed the business since its inception. Aditi manages the unique resort properties in India for her V Resorts business venture. Aditi wants to implement her human capital vision through V Resorts. Similarly, she wants V Resorts to act as an incubator for women who love their jobs. Therefore, Aditi is encouraging women to tap their potential and help them accelerate their growth. Through her venture, Aditi wants to set an example for women that regardless of their gender, they can still be what they want to be.



Seemingly an ace at multitasking, Ankita Gaba is a social media strategist, entrepreneur, consultant, lecturer and the co-founder of She was previously one of the founders of Superchooha, an online media strategist for the likes of Colors, Zapak, Mahindra, Ponds and Idea Cellular. Her accolades include being in the list of “Global Top 100 Social Media Agencies and Consultants 2012-13″ and “50 Indian Women to Follow on Twitter”, among others. She has an in depth expertise at all things social media, and helps social media agencies build teams and a network of processes for their ventures.

What Is Social Samosa All About?

Ankita is a SocialSamosa is an A to Z repository of Indian social media thoughts, ideas, trends, news, and dialogue. Furthermore, social media is growing at a rapid pace and it has become such a vital medium of knowing what’s going on in and around you. Ankita is a social media enthusiast and is always exploring new ways to use social media and engage with more and more people through such platforms. The idea behind SocialSamosa is to be the go-to destination for everything related to the Indian Social Media Industry. Furthermore, Social Samosa has also been awarded as The Blog Of The Year at The WATAwards 2013.


Founder, Mad Street Den.

Ashwini, along with her husband Anand Chandrasekaran, founded a cloud-based platform – Mad Street Den. Her career didn’t start right there though; she began with leading the mobile innovation team at Intel’s Interaction and Experience Research Lab (IXR) in Silicon Valley, one of the places that sprouted her keen interest in artificial intelligence. As for Anand, he had just finished his studies in neuromorphic engineering, which is building computer chips that imitate the human brain at Stanford University. Together this pair of geniuses moved back to India and amalgamated their love for artificial intelligence to start what we know today as Mad Street Den.

What Is Mad Street Den (MAD) All About?

MAD is an Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision company. Similarly, Mad Street Den is building an AI Architecture of the future. They use Artificial Intelligence to get any smartphone with a camera to identify faces, detect facial expressions and emotions and react to facial gestures. Ashwini and Anand started MAD with a mission to build models of generalizable intelligence which can be used by billions of people from various industries across the globe


Co- founder, Thrillophilia

Chitra is one of the most innovative travel women entrepreneurs in India. Combining their passion for adventure and adrenaline, Chitra Gurnani Daga, an alumnus of the Indian School of Business and her husband Abhishek Daga, alumnus of the IIT BHU, Varanasi started Thrillophilia. Hailing from a family of people with high designations in the service industry, and with an MBA and engineering degree themselves, Chitra and Abhishek decided to follow their dreams and go the unconventional way with no previous business experience or any exposure in family business dealings, they took a shot in the dark and scored indeed.

What Is Thrillophilia All About?

Thrillophilia is an Indian adventure travel company that curates the best local experiences with hand-picked guides and vendors to expand your journey into something offbeat and super fun. Above all, Thrillophilia is India’s biggest online platform when it comes to booking your travel experiences. Currently, Thrillophilia has more than 3.5 million monthly users. Consequently, Thrillophilia has more than 12,500 listed activities across 125+ destinations


Debadutta Upadhyaya is an entrepreneur that had a problem and found a solution for it. A problem that many harrowed homemakers face and solution that turned into a business reality. She along with Lovnish Bhatia started Debadutta is known to find her main inspiration from taking up challenging tasks and consequently getting things done. As an entrepreneurial student, Debadutta believes that the key to adapt to today’s dynamic business world is “Learning Everyday”. Similarly, she believes that jumping in early, being steadfast, and enjoying every moment is very important as an entrepreneur and as a person as well.

What Is All About?

It is an online portal that helps one find reliable people to assist homemakers and such with personal tasks that range from cleaning, repairs, handyman jobs to running errands and helping in paperwork. This first-of-its-kind, progressive idea stands to not only help homemakers find time for themselves but also aid the working woman trying to balance domesticity with work life

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