Saturday, March 14, 2020

Some Fresh Ideas For Students

College life can be very hectic and challenging. Once you get into a higher education institution, you get sucked into the whirlpool of lectures, assignments, workshops, conferences, and new acquaintances. At time, you may feel overwhelmed by this new breakneck pace of life and reluctant to go on your education quest.

Water Drops

Is there anything instilling more tranquility and appeasement in beholders that the sight of water drops? You can capture the reflection of the outside world in a small raindrop or shoot a dewdrop sliding down a rose petal. Such tender images represent the quintessence of nature’s beauty, innocence, and inherent purity.

You can also easily create and shoot droplets in your studio (or a dorm room.) All you need is a container of liquid, which may be colored or transparent. Tilt you container slightly and let water drip off its walls. You may take advantage of your zoom lens and shoot a stunning macro image of the drops. Alternatively, you may take a bowl, basin, or even a teaspoon filled with water and drop a stone, fruit, or any other object into it. Shoot the resulting splash. Feel free to regulate the size and frequency of the drops to your liking.

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