Tuesday, June 30, 2020

5 ways to boost your English vocabulary while at home during Covid-19 lockdown

1. Utilise the power of online/digital platforms and gadgets

At present, there are several digital and interactive platforms that can help students & learners of all age groups to build their language skills at home.

One such example is the recent Pearson MyPedia skill on Amazon Alexa which offers a collection of engaging stories, fun facts, trivia and quizzes that help improve English vocabulary, listening, speaking, comprehension and storytelling. One just has to say "Alexa, open MyPedia" or simply, "Alexa, I want to learn English" to get started.

2. Start reading books

Reading books or novels is one of the best ways to improve one's vocabulary. While reading, one comes across new words and gains the curiosity to find its correct meaning which expands and improves his/her knowledge. It is recommended to keep a dictionary with self while reading so that as and when you read and come across new words, it becomes easier to refer to the dictionary, find its correct meaning and pronunciation.

Additionally, you can also take up specific vocabulary building books such as Norman Lewis' book 30 Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary for a better understanding.

3. Listen to podcasts or audiobooks

Active and attentive listening also helps in building a strong vocabulary as listening is a skill which requires attention and picking out new words, noting them down and uncovering their meaning gives a great exposure.

Many good websites and apps now host podcasts where they hold interviews or talk about various things happening around the world. Listening to these will not only help you know what all is going on around the world but also improve your English skills, while at home.

4. Watch English classics or dramas

At a time when online streaming platforms have become the new reality for people to pass their time at home, one can opt to watch classic English movies, dramas or shows which will lead you to encounter new words and look for their meanings.

For a better understanding and knowledge, it is also suggested to maintain a journal and note down the new words and their meanings every time you learn them which will help you to memorise and use them in your daily vocabulary.

5. Play board games

Board games such as scrabble, word jumble, puzzles, crosswords etc. help reveal new words and guide you to develop good English vocabulary. Daily practice and using these new words in conversations can improve your memory, focus, vocabulary and also, cognitive skills. At present, one can play these games with their family or play them online with friends.

It has led to an explosion of new words and phrases that have suddenly become a part of our everyday lives. It then makes sense for us to also keep up with the rapidly changing language and do something productive while we are confined to our homes.

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