Thursday, September 18, 2014

Yamaha Commence 'Mission 10000 Km'

Yamaha India has commenced its 'Mission 10000 Km', which is a journey of self-discovery. The ride was flagged off by John Abraham, Yamaha brand ambassador and Bollywood star. Also present at the ceremony was Koyal Rana, Miss India 2014.
The Japanese manufacturer commenced its 'Mission 10000 Km' ride from National stadium in New Delhi on 14th September, 2014. 20 motorcycle riders will take part in the ride from all over India. Yamaha has provided the participants with their recently launched FZS FI Version 2.0 motorcycle.
'Mission 10000 Km' Aimed At By Yamaha India!
Masaki Asano, Managing Director, Yamaha Motor India Sales Pvt. Ltd, commented, "Yamaha is a young, sporty brand and we developed this initiative to encourage safe and congenial bike riding across the nation with a theme of ‘Discovering a whole new India in its truest form'."
He further added, "We have recently launched fuel injected ‘Yamaha FZ FI Version 2.0' featuring our new technology concept called ‘Blue Core' which stands for fun riding and economy which is also the official vehicle for this expedition. With such offerings and various customers connect initiatives like ‘Mission 10000 Km"
'Mission 10000 Km' Aimed At By Yamaha India!
'Mission 10000 Km' is being promoted by Yamaha and Zeegnition. Their goal is to promote a touring culture among young Indians using Japanese machinery. The 20 riders were selected after personal interviews and online voting. Over thousand participants filled in their name for the ride and only 20 were shortlisted.
'Mission 10000 Km' Aimed At By Yamaha India!
The 20 bikers will be divided in two groups of ten riders. One group will ride to the west, while the other to the east, they will finally meet up in Chennai. Yamaha is providing riders with a once in a lifetime experience to explore India like never before. The ride is not a competition, it is Yamaha's riding philosophy to experience the joy of riding.

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