Monday, December 1, 2014

Two sisters from Rohtak who stood up against harassment rewarded

The two sisters Aarti (right) and Puja.The Haryana government on Monday announced a cash reward of Rs.31,000 each for the two sisters from Rohtak who stood up against harassment and hit back at the three men who were indulging in eve teasing on a state transport bus. The sisters, Aarti and Pujas, spoke exclusively to Headlines Today.

Here are the transcripts.

"He started touching my sister, making kissing gestures. I protested. He took out his phone and called another boy. He asked for two more boys to join him. We girls should not tolerate such acts. If we stand up and respond, then only we can expect support. Going by their [eve teasers] mentality, it was clear that they wanted to misbehave with us, or even indulge in fisticuffs. We responded before they could hit us."

"No one got up to help us. They threw us off the bus. We fought off the bus. Then inside, they sat in their seats and watched as if it was an arena. They were watching us fight. If such men cross limits, then he must be reminded of the limits."

It was only after the uproar of the incident that Rohtak police arrested the three eve teasers.

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