Saturday, November 25, 2017

Black Friday sale: How can you get orders shipped from to India?

Amazon's biggest yearly sale offering heavy discounts on tech and non-tech products, the Black Friday sale is here.
Black Friday, the day after the US Thanksgiving holiday, announces exciting offers considering the spending that often surges during this occasion, where retailers nearly turn a profit for the year.
Anyone in India can shop at during the Black Friday sale, however, not all products with offers will be available for shipment in India. In case, the product is available for shipping to India the customers will be required to pay the shipping and customs charges right away for hassle-free shopping.
Here's how you can easily get your order shipped to India: 
> US-based Package forwarding services
Package forwarding services allow the users to ship their Black Friday shopping to a warehouse in the US, which is later forwarded to your address in India, or any other country.
Some of the US-based package forwarding services include  US Global MailUSA2MeMyUS, and ShopYourWorld.
Follow these steps to place your order: Sign up on the website> Note down the virtual address that appears on the screen> While shopping on a website (say select the product> Enter your virtual address as your shipping address> Make the payment as usual.
In such cases, the package forwarding service provider will notify you after packages are delivered to the designated virtual address, thereby, mail you the detail of the shipping charges as well as customs applicable on the export.
The shipping charges may vary from product-to-product depending on the dimensions and weight. Service providers have different billing strategies for shipping charges, while some calculate the charges based on the dimensions and weight of the package, others like MyUS charge for weight shipped.
While ordering a product from other countries, one must keep in mind the additional shipping charge and customs duty that will be applied by these service providers. Considering these charges, Black Friday shopping from the US would benefit you if in the purchase of high-value goods that weighs less. A purchase of low-value good might not be a good  deal after including these charges.
Credit card tie-ups
If you have a credit card, you can get your orders shipped to India by ordering from the package forwarding services which have a tie-up with banks in India.
For instance, Citibank has a tie-up with Borderlinx, while ICICI has one with ShipOutFromUSA, American Express has one with MyUS, and even Standard Chartered has one such offer.
One can shop in these websites and place an order by providing their address in India, or wherever they want the package to be delivered in the country.
Shopping procedure in through these websites are similiar to the ones explained above as these websites serve as package forwarding services too. You might just get additional offers on purchases since the bank credit card you hold has a tie-up with them.
Amazon's Global Store for India
Amazon India is hosting a 'Black Friday' preview sale from November 24-27 on its Global Store for international brands which is offering up 40 percent discount on the same.
The app is also hosting a contest for its India users.

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