Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Shocking VVIP Racism at Imphal Airport

In a shocking video which is making rounds on social media displayed another incident of VVIP racism as this time a lady doctor was seen shouting at the Union minister of state for tourism KJ Alphons because flights got delayed due to the VVIPs’ arrival
The woman was angry as her brother had died but her flight was delayed as there was a VVIP movement at Imphal airport as the President was arriving.
“I was waiting and crying so I approached the Minister (KJ Alphons), thinking a Minister can do everything,” Dr. Nirala, the woman who shouted at KJ Alphons at Imphal Airport said.
“Sabki apni life hai, sabka apna time hai. Kisi ek liye aisa nahi karna chahye. This (VVIP culture) should be stopped,” Dr. Nirala added.
The body will degrade. I know… I am a doctor…the body will degrade and it will smell. It is still at my home,” the woman said, her voice choking on the last part.
Meanwhile, Alphons said:
“I don’t think there is any controversy at all. I saw this lady in distress & I went up to talk to her, she said she has to attend a funeral in Patna. I told her that there is a protocol when President is landing no flight can take off.”
“Apart from Prime Minister & President there is no protocol for any minister. She (woman in video) had to talk to someone, It is fine with me that she vented her anger on me,” Alphons added.

Editor’s Take-Aways:

  •  To the extent possible Air Force stations should be used by VVIP’s and High dignitaries.
  • Security of the President and PM shouldn’t be compromised but minimise the inconvenience to common people, in a democracy that should be paramount.

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